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Increasing Demands for Authenticity: Professional-themed Film and Television Dramas Must Cater to Public Aesthetics

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Title: Professional-Themed Film and Television Dramas Suffer Backlash for Inaccuracies and Monotony, Urged to Embrace Public Aesthetics

Date: July 23, 2023

Author: Ren Shunkai

In recent years, professional-themed film and television dramas have gained popularity, focusing on occupations such as firefighters, medical staff, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, and scientists. While these dramas aim to capture the public’s interest, they have often been criticized for their lack of professionalism, repetitive storylines, and inaccurate portrayals of these professions. As a result, workers in related occupations expressed their dissatisfaction, and the series’ credibility in the eyes of the audience has been compromised.

A recent controversy arose surrounding the series “My China Chip,” which centers around chip research and manufacturing. Prior to its release, netizens criticized the production for showcasing the actors engaged in unrealistic activities in laboratories or wearing costumes, which did not align with the reality of scientific research. This backlash highlights the importance of maintaining accuracy and authenticity when portraying professional themes on screen.

The producers of these dramas often believe that simply attaching a rare professional theme will guarantee its success. However, this approach neglects the necessity of crafting a compelling script and being mindful of the audience’s evolving tastes. As stated by CCTV Entertainment, if film and television dramas fail to keep up with the audience’s aesthetics, they will struggle to attract viewers and financial support.

Public aesthetics is not an intangible concept. Instead, it is grounded in hidden and tangible standards that shape the viewers’ preferences. In order to receive praise and resonate with the audience, creators must avoid arrogance and respect the public’s aesthetic sensibilities. This entails meticulous review and control over professional-themed dramas, ensuring they meet refined, professional, and standardized standards.

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To prevent inaccuracies and shoddy storytelling, it is crucial for the audit department and film and television platforms to work in tandem. They should establish rigid requirements and quantitative standards for professional performances. By doing so, they can counter misleading and offensive plotlines that might harm the reputation of professions and misguide the viewers. Additionally, offering constructive suggestions to improve the quality of these dramas will benefit both the creators and the audience.

Criticism of professional-themed dramas that lack depth and accuracy ultimately stems from the desire for better content. Instead of relying on cliches and repetitive narratives, film and television creators should embrace the ambition of producing high-quality productions. By immersing themselves in the real professional world and incorporating public aesthetics, they can uncover new territories within the realm of film and television.

In conclusion, professional-themed film and television dramas must rise above their current limitations. By addressing the concerns of professional practitioners and respecting the public’s aesthetic sensibilities, these dramas can regain their credibility and offer thought-provoking content to viewers. The future success of professional-themed dramas lies in their ability to accurately reflect professions, engage the audience, and contribute meaningfully to the world of entertainment.

Source: Red Net
Author: Ren Shunkai
Editor: Liu Yu

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