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Insurance scandal: 45 State offices were ordered to deliver documentation

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Insurance scandal: 45 State offices were ordered to deliver documentation

Justice released 45 operations in search of documentation within the framework of the investigation for contracting insurance, that they have accused the former president of the Nation Alberto Fernandez, and other officials of his management.

They were production orders signed by the federal judge Julian Ercolini about different organizations that he mentioned Insurance Nation in the process of contracting insurance and brokers.

What he will do: in the midst of the insurance controversy, Alberto Fernández traveled to Mexico

The measure occurs within the framework of two cases in which the former president has already been charged. for possible misappropriation of public funds, and just as the federal prosecutor asked to promote the investigation Ramiro González.

Alberto Fernández was charged in two cases: one for the Human Capital complaint after an audit carried out by the former head of the ANSES Osvaldo Giordano and another made by the lawyer Silvina Martínez.

The case for insurance

The maneuver investigated is due to the decree of 2021 that required the award of insurance on credits to retirees and pensioners given by ANSES. In the event of a possible debt balance, through Nación Seguros hired brokers and insurance companies.

The focus is on undue commissions that could have been paid to brokers, including Héctor Martínez Sosa, who is a couple Maria Canterosecretary of the then President.

So far, Judge Ercolini raided the home and offices of the investigated brokers and seized phones, agendas, documentation and other elements that will now be analyzed.

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Meanwhile, the magistrate in the next few hours is going to unify the two cases that have him accused of the former president.


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