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Is Li Yuchun married? Is her husband real or fake?

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Li Yuchun believes that many people know her through super girls, and Li Yuchun has never disclosed her relationship since her debut, and her emotional life seems to have always been a mystery. So, is Li Yuchun married? Let’s take a look below.

Some netizens posted a set of wedding photos of Li Yuchun. In the photos, Li Yuchun was indeed wearing a white wedding dress. In some photos, there was an old foreign man standing beside Li Yuchun. This foreign old man looked quite rich, standing beside Li Yuchun in a slim suit. Some netizens broke the news that the old man was Li Yuchun’s 78-year-old foreign husband. The reason why he was able to win Li Yuchun was because the foreign old man was very rich and a very rich man.

For this rumor, Li Yuchun once responded in the refrigerator when he was a guest. Li Yuchun said that this rumor was too absurd, and he was too lazy to respond. And Li Yuchun’s fans have long said the truth of these photos, Li Yuchun has never married any foreign rich old man. This photo is a well-known foreign wedding dress at that time, when Li Yuchun was invited to participate in the event. The person standing beside Li Yuchun is a senior executive of the company, so there is a group photo of the two of them.

Li Yuchun has not been married so far, which Li Yuchun has clarified in the show.Li Yuchun dared to say this on the show, it must be true, if it is fake, how could he be so stupid to give everyone a handle on the show?? I also hope that everyone will not tell stories by looking at pictures. A photo can make up the rumor that Li Yuchun married a foreign rich man at the beginning. No wonder there are so many fake news on the Internet, and some netizens have too much imagination.

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