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“Jian Wang 3 Origins” MV for Jianghu group portraits released with a thousand offensive and defensive attacks

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Free arena, happy and enmity, the large-scale ultimate test of “Jianwang 3 Origin” is in full swing, the essence of the game is gathered together, the camp is confronted, the attack and defense of the thousand camps will be shocked tomorrow, bringing the most hearty martial arts confrontation experience! Also, the MV for “Jian Wang 3 Origins” Jianghu Group Portrait was released today, raising the heart of chivalry! Don’t miss the excitement, come and see it soon!

  [江湖群像MV上映 诠释侠义真情]

“No matter how big or small a chivalrous person is, if he has kind thoughts, he is a bodhisattva.” The high-burning group image MV of “Jian Wang 3 Origin”, “The Merry In” is released today, telling the heroic love and chivalry of the heroes of the rivers and lakes! From Kaiyuan’s victory to Tianbao’s big dream, there are people who continue to persevere and give, interpreting what “chivalrous” and “righteousness” are: it is the life-giving righteousness of the unknown hero, the court resistance of the two leagues and three demons, the adherence to morality and justice of the five sects, it is Zhou Jingzhong His loyalty is unswerving. . . . . Wanton and frivolous, enthusiastic, young people carrying swords, romantic is still there, watch the video and feel the hearty knights and lakes!

  [阵营活动不间断 千人攻防来袭]

As an orthodox martial arts MMORPG, “Jian Wang 3 Origin” has always strived to reproduce the chivalrous spirit and enmity of the knights twelve years ago. Compared with the first test, this large-scale ultimate test has increased the degree of freedom within a reasonable range, allowing the Knights to get a more enjoyable PVP experience than the previous version. At the same time, it also joined the “Nanping Kunlun Battle” and “Faction Betting “Dart” and other classic camp games, from Tuesday to Friday camp activities are uninterrupted, you can hedge at any time! At the same time, the first thousand-person offense and defense of the final test will also start this weekend, and the passion will be a match! The faction equipment is distributed to the whole people, and the fierce battle is about to start!

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  [终极测试一周回顾 江湖趣闻频现]

The large-scale ultimate test of “Jiangwang 3 Origin” has been launched hotly, and “anomalies” frequently appear in the world. Today, there is a small registration called “The Origin of Hot Search List”, bringing new trends in the world! First, retired computers and then employed, and later mining craze flooded the rivers and lakes, and even mysterious people appeared, telling stories and divinations were true and false. For more interesting anecdotes, welcome to the large-scale ultimate test of “Jianwang 3 Origin”!

The large-scale ultimate test of “Jiangwang 3 Origins” is underway. Come and experience the most passionate and classic world of martial arts! Make an appointment for the public beta now, and you can also receive the out-of-print title, pendants, and have the opportunity to sample the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Joy Edition, Intel NUC Mini Host and other surprise gifts!

Appointment address: https://jx3yq.xoyo.com/m/2021/04/16/appointment/index.html? utm_source=jx3yq-meiti

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