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Joaqui was amazed by a song and pressed the golden button

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Joaqui was amazed by a song and pressed the golden button

The night of Got Talent Argentina had new auditions. Joaqui was amazed by the interpretation she gave. singer from Córdoba, Chloe Edgecombeand without hesitation He pressed the golden button, even before the returns. Abel Pintos celebrated the decision of his fellow jury member.

The participant sang The House of the Rising Sun, and dazzled the entire audience.

Edgecombe dedicated herself to music from a very young age. During the pandemic, she opened her YouTube channel, which is currently has more than 400 thousand subscribersthey reported from the program.

La Joaqui, after listening to her audition, He asked his fellow jurors if they thought what the young woman had done was incredible.everyone nodded and at that moment, before the young woman heard the returns, she pressed the golden button.

Chloe was excited and Lizy Tagliani entered with the participant’s family, to celebrate the moment.

“It seems spectacular to me that Joaqui has made the decision she made. There was and is nothing to say, you are truly incredible“Abel Pintos told the singer.

Who had a golden button on Got Talent Argentina

From the Telefé site, they recalled that until now, There were eight golden buttons, that directly give the participants a pass to the semifinals of the competition.

The golden buttons ofthe jury and Lizy Tagliani used so far:

_Carla Masignani, ballerina

_ Docta Dance, dance group

_ Alfa Crew, dance group

_ Facundo Figueroa, dancer

_ Sol Blest, singer

_ Carla Domínguez and Julio Seffino, tango dancers

_ Renata Antúnez, dancer

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_ Chloe Edgecombe, cantante

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