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Jordan Chan Triumphs in Mandarin Premiere of “I am What I Am” with Challenging Lion Dance Adaptation

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Jordan Chan Triumphs in Mandarin Premiere of “I am What I Am” with Challenging Lion Dance Adaptation

The Mandarin version of the musical “I am What I Am,” based on the popular Chinese animated film IP, had its grand premiere at the Guangzhou Opera House on January 11th. Jordan Chan, the famous Hong Kong actor who played the role of Qiang in the musical, wowed the audience with his skillful Meihuaquan performance and soulful renditions of original songs. Chan’s vivacious body language and memorable lines showcased his versatile talent, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

To prepare for his role, Chan spent over two months immersing himself in Guangzhou with intense rehearsals, vocal training, and lion dance lessons. Despite his four decades of stage experience, he reset his skills to shape his character in the musical.

In an exclusive interview with the Yangcheng Evening News, Chan shared his experience in participating in an original musical on the Chinese mainland for the first time. He noted the refreshing experience of rehearsing with younger performers and the challenges of establishing trust and understanding among the actors on stage.

Chan’s portrayal of the reclusive lion dance master, Qiang, required him to learn the intricate lion dance. He remarked on the difficulty of mastering the dance and capturing its true spirit, emphasizing the dedication required to present the cultural essence and vitality of Lingnan.

The actor also delved deeply into the character’s background and emotions to better connect with his role. Drawing from personal experiences, Chan likened the character’s journey in the play to life’s unpredictability, stressing the importance of pursuing activities that bring joy and contentment in the face of challenges.

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The musical “I am What I Am” tells the inspirational story of a boy’s journey of growth and is dedicated to every underdog striving to overcome obstacles. The protagonist, Juan, an ordinary left-behind boy, discovers his passion for lion dance with the help of friends and rigorous training to compete in the “National Lion Dance Competition.”

With a successful premiere, the musical has garnered attention for its heartfelt storytelling and captivating performances. Jordan Chan’s exceptional performance and dedication to his role have been recognized as contributing to the musical’s success, receiving praise from audiences and critics alike.

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