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Lenier Mesa’s Concert at Flamingo Theater Bar in Miami Suspended

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Lenier Mesa’s Concert at Flamingo Theater Bar in Miami Suspended

Cuban Singer Lenier Mesa’s Miami Concert Suspended After Controversial Trip to Cuba

MIAMI – The highly anticipated concert of Cuban singer Lenier Mesa, scheduled for September 15 at the Flamingo Theater Bar in Miami, has been suspended, as confirmed by The New Herald.

Lenier, who recently made headlines for his controversial trip to Cuba during the Santa Maria Music Fest, had subsequently appeared in Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. However, the much-anticipated show at the prestigious Miami club will not be taking place.

The suspension was confirmed by the press outlet after attempting to make reservations for the concert at the Flamingo Theater Bar. The outlet discovered that no poster had been shared on the popular club’s social media platforms, and the ticket purchase link was broken.

According to the club’s website, ticket prices for the concert had ranged from $60 to $90.

Attempts to contact Lenier’s manager, Michel Muniz, were unsuccessful, leaving the reasons behind the concert suspension unclear. Lenier had previously performed at the Flamingo Theater Bar on numerous occasions.

This cancellation appears to be one of the immediate consequences stemming from Lenier’s trip to Cuba, though it is not the only one. Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo Jr. voiced his condemnation of the artist’s visit to Cuba and declared that Lenier would not be invited to future events in the city.

Bovo expressed his disappointment, stating, “It is shameful and condemnable that at this point in the Cuban tragedy, an artist like Lenier, who has benefited from the support of Cuban exiles, becomes part of the propaganda manipulation of the Cuban totalitarian regime.” He further emphasized that such events on the “enslaved island” only serve as tools for the dictatorship and hold no benefit for the people.

Since Lenier’s trip, criticism has poured in from the Cuban exile community in Miami, as well as from various artists and influencers. Lenier defended himself against the accusations, claiming that “there are more communists in Miami than in Cuba.”

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As of now, there is no further information available regarding the circumstances surrounding the suspension of Lenier Mesa’s concert at the Flamingo Theater Bar.

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