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Li Qinqin Adopts Late Actress Zhou Haimei’s Pet Dog, Shares Heartwarming Message

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Actress Li Qinqin Adopts Late Zhou Haimei’s Pet Dog “Zhou Dundun”

In a heartwarming gesture, actress Li Qinqin recently announced that she has adopted the pet dog of her late friend and colleague Zhou Haimei. Zhou Haimei, who tragically passed away in December 2023, left behind a few beloved pets, and Li Qinqin has stepped up to ensure that they are well taken care of.

According to reports, Zhou Haimei’s relatives have been looking for suitable adopters for the pets she left behind. Li Qinqin shared that when she found out that Haimei’s two golden retrievers were still in need of a home, she immediately reached out to Haimei’s agent and expressed her interest in adopting them. After getting the green light from Haimei’s family, Li Qinqin welcomed Zhou Dundun into her home.

However, the adoption was kept under wraps for over two months as Li Qinqin didn’t want to draw attention away from the news of Haimei’s passing. The other golden retriever, “Saturday Six,” is being cared for by Haimei’s manager, Zhou Feng.

In a touching statement, Li Qinqin expressed her hope that Zhou Dundun will feel the warmth of a loving home, despite the loss of her previous owner. She also thanked Haimei’s family and Zhou Feng for their trust, and reassured that she will continue to care for the furry children left behind by her late friend.

The actress also took the opportunity to call attention to the welfare of stray animals, urging more people to consider adopting and providing warm and loving homes for animals in need.

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The touching act of kindness has garnered praise from fans and colleagues alike. Li Qinqin’s selfless gesture serves as a reminder of the importance of looking out for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Reporter: Hu Guangxin
Editor: Zhu Fan

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