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Li Ronghao gave up voting for Lingchao, Iqiyi’s “Youth Rap Project” label opens in-house training_TOM News

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Entertainment China News August 6, 8 pm last Saturday, Chinese rap innovation industry observation program iqiyi homemade yogurt“Youth Rap Project”Highly popular premiere, rave reviews from netizens and media! At 8 o’clock in the evening on August 7th (tomorrow), the program will usher in the second phase. “Boss” such as Li Ronghao and Pan Weibo will continue to interview new rap singers. How expressive is ONER Lingchao’s Rap debut? Can Capper advance? Decipher it for you one by one tomorrow night.

Ling Chao presents Rap debut, Li Ronghao abstains from voting for it

Last week, different styles of rap newcomers, such as Kidog, SipSu, and go home soon, became the focus of the BOSS group and netizens by virtue of the Rap in the show. Shagga also left a deep impression on the audience because of his straightforward personality and “sniffing” MC HotDog hot dogs. Capper, who was praised by all members of the BOSS group as “grown up,” and Zhou Ziqian, who was lovely and hot, also made people shine.

Li Ronghao gave up voting for Lingchao, Iqiyi’s

This Saturday, interviews for new rap singers continue. The teenagers are both cute and hardworking. RXNIN’s specialty turned out to be hiccups, and all the BOSS group had their heads crooked with laughter. Ling Chao will give his Rap debut on the show. He expressed that he wants everyone to see a breakthrough and new Ling Chao. However, Li Ronghao decided to give up voting for Lingchao. What is the reason for this? In the end, can Ling Chao advance? Who is the last pass-through chain in MC HotDog’s hands? The second episode of the program will be announced for you!

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Li Ronghao gave up voting for Lingchao, Iqiyi’s

Rap newcomers compete for the “Little Red Chapter” in the classroom, and the goat makes Zhou Ziqian cry

After the interview, the players who successfully get the promotion chain will become students and start a new experience-internal label training. At that time, famous teachers such as Li Ronghao, MC HotDog, VaVa Mao Yanqi, Sheng Yu DamShine, Xiao Qinglong-He Cheng and other famous teachers will give online lectures to enhance the professional ability of rap newcomers and enrich their actual combat experience. Music theory class, basic lyric writing class, composition class, body rhythm class… BKStore will start a comprehensive and systematic mode of cultivating new rap singers.

Li Ronghao gave up voting for Lingchao, Iqiyi’s

Li Ronghao gave up voting for Lingchao, Iqiyi’s

The teachers gave everything to each other, and the students asked for advice. In class, in order to encourage the female players, VaVa let go: Efogeni was also my defeated player! Li Ronghao also expressed his high school class teacher’s concern: I hope that new rap singers will be more confident after they go out. In order to stimulate the students’ enthusiasm for class, the program set up a “little red chapter” as the “teacher reward points” in the assessment mechanism. Rap newcomers work hard to absorb new knowledge, while you catch up with the fierce competition “Little Red Chapter”. The goat DaGoat also made Zhou Ziqian cry because he didn’t get the “Little Red Medal” because of his dissatisfaction?

Li Ronghao gave up voting for Lingchao, Iqiyi’s

Who got the last few promotion chains? Tomorrow night, iQiyi’s homemade yogurt “Juvenile Rap Project” will be announced for you! Every Saturday night at 8 o’clock, iQiyi will be there and see and witness the growth of the rap boy!

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