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Malaysian Singer Huang Mingzhi Laments Compromises in Entertainment Industry Politics

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Malaysian Singer Huang Mingzhi Laments Compromises in Entertainment Industry Politics

File photograph of Malaysian singer Huang Mingzhi attending a press convention in Taipei. (Chen Baizhou/The Epoch Times)

[I-Epoch Times, Meyi 26, 2024](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) The President of the Republic of China, Lai Qingde, delivered his opening speech on May 20. His stance on firmly defending Taiwan’s sovereignty precipitated the CCP to hesitate. and Taiwan”, many Taiwanese artists adopted and expressed their opinions, Malaysian singer Huang Mingzhi lamented that when persons are frightened about good points and losses, they will “simply hand over” their opinions.

On May 20, Lai Ching-te delivered his first speech entitled “Building a New Taiwan for Democracy, Peace and Prosperity”, he identified that “the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China should not subordinate to one another”, and burdened that the federal government’s new coverage of breaking the impasse will stick within the “4 emphasis”, not condescension or conceitedness, and keep the established order, asking the Chinese Communist authorities to face the fact of the existence of the Republic of China, respect the choices of the Taiwanese folks, cooperate with “commerce as a substitute of containment”, and suggest plans to renew reciprocal tourism and that college students undergraduates will examine in Taiwan. (Previous experiences:Experts analyze the impression of Lai Ching-te’s first speech on the state of affairs within the Taiwan Strait)

However, the Chinese folks can not see it as a result of the Chinese Communist authorities strictly block any essential data. Although the Chinese Communist Party blocks related data on the Internet, it additionally responds to Lai Qingde’s statements about cross-border relations. (Previous experiences:Expert interpretation of Lai Qingde’s inauguration speech and the totally different reactions of the nation’s officers and folks)

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According to Weibo messages, CCTV News, a mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, revealed an article titled “anti-Taiwan freedom” on the twenty second. three sisters, Angela Chang, Rainie Yang, Chen Yanxi, Yang Zongwei, Zhu Xiaotian, Wang Dongcheng, and many others. Posts comparable to “China will lastly obtain full reunification” and “Taiwan will return to embracing the motherland” have been additionally shared one after the opposite. (Previous experiences:Why is Jay Chou totally different when a Taiwanese artist reposts CCP’s United Front submit?)

Seeing this incident, Huang Mingzhi posted an article yesterday (Click right here) wrote down his emotions, “When I used to be a baby, I favored to ask my buddies, ‘If I gave you 1 million now and requested you to eat poop, would most individuals say no at first. But ask in another way, ‘If you had 1 million in debt, you might have money positioned in entrance of you, and you may take it after you eat your shit.”

He believes that when folks have extra, they’ll worry shedding extra “When you’re caught up within the nervousness of good points and losses, and somebody needs you to eat shit and drink urine, and even betray your concepts, buddies. , and household, that is only a piece of cake…”

Huang Mingzhi sincerely stated that for that reason, there are few individuals who actually respect within the leisure trade, simply because the phrase “artwork is artwork, politics is politics” has already entered politics now.

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