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Maria Venturi, the “lady of feelings”, has died. Author of romance novels and successful TV series

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Maria Venturi, the “lady of feelings”, has died.  Author of romance novels and successful TV series

“The lady of feelings” Maria Venturi, author of romance novels, screenplays for very successful soaps and TV series, from Incantesimo to Butta la luna with Fiona May, journalist and director of magazines such as Novella 2000 and Annabella, has passed away. She died today, shortly after midnight, in her home in Brescia, the beloved city where she moved when she was seven years old and where her funeral will take place on Thursday 22 February at 3.30 pm in the Church of Sant’Agata .

Born in Florence on 1 August 1933, she was 90 years old. A long life in which she had always tried to maintain a one-to-one relationship with her readers of whom she had become her confidant thanks to her her column Lessons of love on the weekly Oggi, which was entrusted to her in 2011 by the director Umberto Brindani. The direction of Novella 2000, where as a young journalist she quickly became editor-in-chief and then deputy director she arrived in 1979. In 1981 she then moved on to direct the historic weekly Annabella, which a few months later would become Anna. In your CV as a journalist you had also been a special correspondent.

After a scholastic education from the Canossians and a classical high school diploma, she graduated in Literature in Milan, the city where she commuted for many years. Numerous awards have been received between Saint Vincent for the journalism received at the Quirinale and as a writer, the Bacchante of Matera and the Molinello for her career and for the book Nothing is by chance. She is a prolific author of around thirty books, she publishes her first stories in the weekly Novella directed by Giorgio Scerbanenco.

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He began the first draft of a book at the age of 25 but wrote his first novel in 1984 at the suggestion of Oreste del Buono: this is how he arrived Love story, published by Rizzoli and became a television miniseries in 1987 starring Margherita Buy. They followed over the years The wife in the frame, Dear love, Goodbye and homecoming. There have been many television adaptations of his novels such as The broken story, The sky never falls, Mine forever which were great successes, even reaching peaks of 12 million spectators.

But great popularity comes with the soap Magic spell 1998, which will have seven seasons. Then it will be the turn of the long series Pride in 2004 and again in the 2000s Throw the moon (2006) e Fear of loving (2010). In 2015 revisit and update The days of the othera novel he had published twenty years earlier.

Family relationships, the couple, the relationship with children and also the battles for the emancipation of women were her field of exploration in all fields of Maria Venturi’s activity who leaves her husband Andrea Mariani, her two daughters and his niece Caterina. Her latest books are Much heaven for nothing, published in 2018 by Harper Collins, in which Stella suddenly realizes in front of that immense sky that her marriage to Maurizio is over and the attempts to revive him with that last holiday on the island of Folegandros were in vain . Resisting together for the good of the family is no longer possible. Then a phone call breaks the silence. In 2019 it was released by Solferino Crazy Heart. Mantras for a happy relationship.

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