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Marry Regi Penxten and Kristel Hubeny in South Africa

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Stellenbosch –

Normally cake is only eaten at the end of a wedding party, but “Regi likes to be special” and so the wedding party is opened with a champagne tower and the cutting of the cake.

Lien Vande Kerkhof and Nele Coune

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 3:27 PM

Boarding pass destination Johannesdal 1207, with a reference to mile high airways. That was stated in the invitation that Kristel and Regi’s guests received. The decor and atmosphere make everyone’s jaws drop: an idyllic courtyard with a pond, colored seats and flower arrangements, and a champagne tower that shrinks and shrinks. While guests have too short eyes to take in all that beauty, Regi and Kristel walk in to loud applause.

Kristel chose a short glitter dress and Regi wears – for now? – his suit from Zara. Spilling the champagne is therefore less harmful. Regi is very proud of his suit and shows off the cut of his jacket to anyone who wants to see it. Beige seems to be the color among the male guests. Jaap Reesema and DJ Wout Van Dessel also opted for a beige costume. “Although there was clearly a difference in budget,” the groom jokes.

Behind the bar are six mixologists who make all types of cocktails according to the rules of the art and with a lot of show. In the meantime, other staff are busy keeping flies away from the buffet. After all, it is a very hot day with temperatures above thirty degrees.

According to Max, master of ceremonies and good friend of Kristel, an exceptionally high concentration of Limburgers has been measured in Stellenbosch. Pauline Slangen and Arno Louwette, Regi’s pupils from the Regi Academy, among others, can join in the fun.

In the meantime, plenty of people are eating from the buffet: tacos with roast duck, asparagus, burrata, hummus, ham, freshly baked chicken sandwiches and last but not least: oysters. Despite the heat, everyone cheers extensively.

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The wedding party can be followed live on VTM2

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