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Media Sector Booms as Total Box Office Exceeds 10 Billion in February 2024

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The Media Sector Strengthens as Box Office Exceeds 10 Billion in February

The media sector saw a strong surge before noon today, with several stocks hitting their daily limit. Xuanya International was among the top performers, hitting the daily limit of 20cm. Other stocks that also reached their daily limit include Yinsai Group, Cultural Investment Holdings, Beijing Culture, Huayang Lianzhong, Tianwei Video, China Television Media, Guomai Culture, and more. The total box office for February 2024, including pre-sales, exceeded 10 billion as of today.

According to Beacon Professional Edition data, “It’s Hot”, “Flying Life 2”, and “Article 20” are currently leading the box office releases for this month. The strong performance of these films reflects the current robust demand in the domestic movie market. Spring Festival movies are expected to continue driving box office numbers for the next 2-3 weeks, providing support for the industry throughout the year.

Centaline Securities’ research report suggests that paying attention to film content quality and audience attendance data is crucial for industry growth. Films with better-than-expected quality can attract a wider range of audiences and increase viewing frequency, driving overall demand. Soochow Securities also predicts a strong recovery trend in the industry, fueled by an increase in high-quality content supply and continued demand for movie viewing.

The analysis emphasizes the importance of staying informed with accurate information when making investment decisions. The Securities Times provides valuable insight into market trends and policy information. Stay updated by downloading the official Securities Times app or following their WeChat official account for timely updates and wealth opportunities. Remember, any investment decision made based on this information is at your own risk.

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