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Melissa Klug Opens Up About Her Battle with Hypothyroidism

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Melissa Klug Opens Up About Her Battle with Hypothyroidism

The popular Melissa Klug has always been active on her social networks to share with her thousands of followers. However, on this occasion, the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ made a shocking revelation about her state of health.

The businesswoman also shared information about her condition and the difficult illness that makes it difficult for her to lose weight after her sixth pregnancy.

As you may remember, in November 2023, Jesús Barco’s partner gave birth to their sixth daughter in the United States, and since then she has shared various aspects of her return to motherhood on social networks. However, she recently surprised by addressing the disease that affects her.

Through her official Instagram account, Melissa responded to one of the many questions from her followers. A user asked her: “How many kilos do you need to lose?” To which the businesswoman responded: “There are 15 kilos missing. It will take me longer to lose weight because I have hypothyroidism,” confessed Jefferson Farfán’s ex-partner.

The revelation was unexpected and has garnered attention from fans and well-wishers. Klug’s openness about her illness sheds light on the struggles individuals face with hypothyroidism and the impact it can have on weight loss efforts. Despite her health challenges, Melissa Klug continues to inspire and motivate her followers with her honesty and strength.

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