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Memories of Jinsheng Cinema: A Look Back on the 90th Anniversary Celebration at Liwan Lantern Festival

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Memories of Jinsheng Cinema: A Look Back on the 90th Anniversary Celebration at Liwan Lantern Festival

Jinsheng Cinema, an iconic landmark in Guangzhou, celebrated its 90th anniversary with a nostalgic Lantern Festival Poetry Festival event on February 24. The event, held at Jinsheng Plaza in Yongqingfang, brought back memories of the golden era of old movie theaters and attracted old Cantonese movie fans who reminisced about the romantic feelings associated with Jinsheng Cinema.

The former site of Jinsheng Cinema, originally built in 1934, was a popular destination for moviegoers in Guangzhou. It was known for its grandeur and charm, hosting various entertainment activities such as Cantonese opera performances, singing, and dancing. Famous actors like Xue Juexian and Ma Shitang graced the stage at Jinsheng Cinema, making it a popular gathering spot for celebrities in the city.

At the Lantern Festival Poetry Festival, attendees were treated to a poetry recital of “Jinsheng Cinema” written by renowned poet Huang Lihai. The performance by young actor Chai Xinyi evoked strong emotions among the audience, especially those who had fond memories of watching movies at Jinsheng Cinema in their youth.

Zhang Ruilin, a former manager of Jinsheng Cinema, shared interesting anecdotes about the cinema’s history, highlighting the challenges faced by “film runners” who had to transport film reels from other theaters. Despite the difficulties, citizens of Guangzhou supported Jinsheng Cinema, showing their generosity by lending bicycles to the film runners to ensure movies were screened on time.

One couple, Mr. and Mrs. Li Guocheng and Zhang Luna, shared their personal stories of growing up with Jinsheng Cinema. From childhood school trips to romantic dates and eventually getting married, the couple fondly recalled the joy of watching movies at the iconic theater. Their favorite films, like “Love in Lushan” and “A Good Marriage,” held special memories for them, symbolizing the enduring love and connection they shared with Jinsheng Cinema.

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The Lantern Festival Poetry Festival provided a platform for neighbors and movie enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the legacy of Jinsheng Cinema. With classic film clips playing on-site, attendees were transported back in time, reliving the magic of old movie theaters and the vibrant cinematic culture of Guangzhou.

As Jinsheng Cinema marks its 90th anniversary, the event served as a fitting tribute to its rich history and cultural significance in the city. Despite the passage of time, the timeless charm and nostalgia associated with Jinsheng Cinema continue to captivate audiences, reminding them of the enduring legacy of this beloved landmark in Guangzhou.

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