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Midnatt / Overture – Swedish Metal – Album Review

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Midnatt / Overture – Swedish Metal – Album Review

Midnight / Overture – Swedish Metal
Origin: Sweden
Release: 26.01.2024
Label: Gates of Hell Records
Duration: 25:57
Genre: Heavy Metal

The metal scene in Sweden is more productive than almost any other. While the old bands are still releasing album after album, more and more young bands are also finding their way onto the stages of the world. That’s how the boys want it too Midnight and Overture with their newly released demo Swedish Metal achieve the big breakthrough: with hard strength and great ambitions!


Make a start Midnight with their demo Metallic Heat from 2022. The trio shows raw hardness from minute one, which they still combine with good rhythms to create good songs. Already the opener The defenders shows clearly where the boys’ journey should go.

And the other three songs in their demo also confirm this view.

With a hard edge all the way to the top

Midnight Sometimes they want too much, but they show real class in their approach to writing hard songs that have a chance of convincing many lovers of old, classic speed metal. In a few years the band could definitely have the chance to catch up with old bands like these.


The second band Overture Sound-wise it’s a bit further ahead. They also want to aim high, which they make clear from the start. The opener of their demo, which also comes from 2022, Falcon’s Flight I shows that they too want to achieve this goal with all their might.

Although they sometimes overstep the mark, they show even better approaches than their predecessors Midnight. They know exactly how to structure an album, or here a demo, in order to keep the viewer entertained. This is how the song can be found at the end of their demo Falcon’s Flight IIwhich not only shows clear references to the opener of their demo and thus forms a great conclusion to their first work.

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The two bands from Stockholm and Arvika are not that unknown anymore. Members have already been in bands like Eternal Evil or Atonement operate the instruments and can already look back on a few years of musical experience. But they are based on the big names in the genre: Deep Purple, Rising Force or Heavy Load are their role models with whom they will hopefully be able to share a stage together at some point!

Midnatt and Overture Both of them sometimes play a little beyond their goal, but each band started small. In their approaches, they both show very good abilities to write good songs, with which they will definitely have the chance to join the big Swedish metal elite. 7 / 10

Line Up
Aron Torstensson – Vocals, Bass
Robin Bidgoli – drums
Eric Björklund – guitar
Adrian Tobar – guitar, vocals
Niklas Saari – Bass
Benjamin Curman – drums

01. The defenders
02. Midnight
03. Sarcophagus
04. Judgment Day
05. Falcon’s Flight I
06. When The Fire Burns
07. Charon’s Might
08. Fading Away
09. Falcon’s Flight II

Instagram Midnight
Instagram Overture

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