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More increases are coming in June: food, transportation and prepaid

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More increases are coming in June: food, transportation and prepaid

In a context marked by different announcements with which the Government seeks to promote consumption and lower inflation, and in which private consultants estimate a monthly variation of between 8.6 and 9% for May, June will arrive with increases in basic products such as bread and milk that will put a high floor on the sixth month of the year, the last official data with which the STEP will be reached.

Also in bus services, subway, fuel, private schools, prepaid, cable and telephony.

As of the first day of the month, bread could rise up to 12% due to the increase, authorized by the Government, in the price of subsidized flour. Thus, the product could cost $750 per kilo.

On the other hand, grocers anticipated to PROFILE that as of tomorrow some important milk suppliers will increase the product by 10%, driving inflation whose main protagonist is food, which rose above the general average.

In addition, and based on the application of the adjustment formula that since March has been governed by the Greater Buenos Aires Consumer Price Index, transportation will have an increase of 8.6%.

Thus, the minimum bus ticket will cost $46.35 and the train ticket between $22.51 and $29.12.

As of June 5, the subway will also undergo an adjustment, and it will go from $67 to $74 per trip. A fourth increase is planned for September.

Regarding fuels, and as agreed with the Fair Prices program, the expected increase is 4%, a figure also scheduled for the following months, and that will be applied to gasoline and diesel throughout the country.

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Private schools, although they had agreed a monthly increase of 3.35% within the framework of the program, renegotiated the increases. Quotas will suffer an increase of 11.1% in CABA and 7.5% in Greater Buenos Aires.

Private medicine companies will also increase by 5.49%, according to the Health Cost Index calculated by the Ministry. The increase will be applied without distinction of income to all users, as it had happened in April.

Cable, cell phones and internet will also have a 4.5% rise in postpaid or mixed plans for mobile telephony, internet, fixed telephony and satellite cable.

The impact of inflation for goods and services will be even greater for those who have to renew their rental contracts or for consumers who have not yet received the unsubsidized electricity rate.

Due to the removal of subsidies to the highest income sectors in May, many users will see the impact of the increases on their June bills.

In addition, and as happens every month, those who have to renew their rental contract or make a new one will have to face, according to the Central Bank’s Rental Contract Index (ICL), a 100% annual increase in values.

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