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National Security Drama “Agent Mission” Combines Virtual and Real Worlds, Showcasing Unknown Heroes

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“Agent Mission”: A Thrilling New National Security Anti-Espionage Drama Premieres on Dragon TV

The highly anticipated urban drama series “Agent Mission” directed by Zhao Baogang has recently made its debut on Dragon TV and other platforms. This gripping national security counterintelligence show brings to light the unsung heroes who tirelessly fight on the hidden front to protect the nation. In a recent interview with a reporter from the Beijing News, actress Kang Keren, who plays the character Jiang Xiaohua in the series, shared her thoughts on the unique storyline and her challenging role.

Kang Keren described “Agent Mission” as an intriguing fusion of the game world and the real world. Drawing inspiration from a game, the series unfolds a series of puzzles, combining elements of passing levels, defeating generals, upgrading skills, and battling enemies with the operations against overseas espionage organizations. Kang Keren expressed her excitement at the combination of virtual and real elements in the show, emphasizing its captivating and interesting nature.

In “Agent Mission,” Kang Keren portrays Jiang Xiaohua, a distinctive character with a tomboyish appearance and short hair. Jiang Xiaohua is not only a skilled game master but also proficient in hacking technology. Kang Keren mentioned that this role is unlike any she has played before, and it presented a challenge due to its androgynous nature. To prepare for the role, Kang Keren sought inspiration from cool girls in real life, observing their mannerisms and adopting their nonchalant attitude. She also focused on portraying Jiang Xiaohua’s sassy personality by being decisive and avoiding procrastination in her movements and posture.

While Jiang Xiaohua may exude a tough and cool demeanor, she remains reserved when it comes to relationships and conceals her feelings for someone she likes. Kang Keren revealed that she found similarities between herself and Jiang Xiaohua in this aspect. However, in the game world, Jiang Xiaohua can easily make friends, which Kang Keren found incredibly appealing. She exclaimed, “It’s so awesome!” Furthermore, Jiang Xiaohua is depicted as a righteous person who will go to great lengths to help her friends, regardless of their difficulties.

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In a dialogue with the Beijing News, Kang Keren discussed the challenges she faced in portraying Jiang Xiaohua. She mentioned that capturing her carefree character and avoiding extremes in her performance were the most significant hurdles. Kang Keren also shared a memorable scene from the show, which involved a long lens shot in which she had to walk and talk simultaneously. She praised director Zhao Baogang’s attention to detail and dedication to authenticity, ensuring that every aspect of the scene was accurate and true to life.

When asked about her experience working with director Zhao Baogang, Kang Keren had nothing but praise for the renowned director. She commended his ability to guide the actors, his approachability, and his willingness to help them fully embody their roles. Kang Keren expressed her desire to explore more cool roles in the future, allowing her to experience things she wouldn’t normally be able to do and challenge herself further. She expressed great enjoyment in playing the role of Xiaohua in “Agent Mission.”

“Agent Mission” is set to captivate audiences with its thrilling storyline, diverse characters, and the talented performances of its cast. As the series continues to air, viewers can expect exciting twists and turns as Jiang Xiaohua and her team navigate the treacherous world of espionage and national security.

Reporting by Liu Wei, Edited by Xu Meilin, Proofread by Zhao Lin.

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