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Navigating the Sun-Uranus Square: Astrological Guidance for February

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Navigating the Sun-Uranus Square: Astrological Guidance for February

Famous American astrologer and writer Christopher Lenstrom predicts major astrological events for each zodiac sign this month. According to Lenstrom, the Sun forming a square to Uranus on February 8th will bring about unexpected upheaval, with plans being completely overturned. The Sun-Uranus square, close to the New Moon in Aquarius, holds the potential for both breakage and breakthrough, leaving people unsure of what to expect. However, Lenstrom advises that these changes may be necessary for growth and getting out of controlling situations.

In addition, Lenstrom offers personalized advice for each zodiac sign based on the astrological events. For Taurus, the message is to maintain freedom and avoid taking sides. Gemini is advised to be patient with long-term projects, while Cancer is encouraged to embrace new beginnings. Leo should continue to stay the course despite unexpected developments, while Virgo is told to reflect on their feelings of being ignored.

For Libra, the trine between Venus and Heaven will provide support to overcome current challenges, and for Scorpio, the opportunity to reconcile with a past conflict may bring closure. Sagittarius is advised to handle criticism diplomatically, and Capricorn is encouraged to remain open to others’ opinions. Aquarius is reminded to approach unexpected events as “very good problems,” while Pisces is urged to overcome fear and take initiative towards their goals.

Lenstrom’s insights offer a unique perspective on navigating the astrological events this month, providing guidance and support for each zodiac sign. With his extensive experience in astrology, Lenstrom’s advice may help individuals make the most of the upcoming astrological events.

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