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Netflix’s annual espionage action blockbuster “Yaksha: Bloody Spy” blasts 7,700 bullets! ? Actor Xue Jingqiu shot! ? _TOM Information

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Netflix’s annual espionage action blockbuster “Yaksha: Bloody Spy” blasts 7,700 bullets!  ? Actor Xue Jingqiu shot!  ? _TOM Information

Bombed 7700 rounds of bullets!Actor Xue Jingqiu shot the three gods grandmother EL proudly shot the first place

Actors came to Taiwan to film movies, visit the night market, and accumulated good feelings Park Hae-soo unforgettable The director wrote a Chinese letter to thank the Taiwanese staff

Netflix’s annual espionage action blockbuster “Yaksha: Bloody Spy” is about to be launched!

Netflix’s annual espionage action blockbuster “Yaksha: Bloody Spy War”, which has been filmed in Taiwan for more than a month and a half, is about to be launched. The film can be said to be the one with the most bullets in the history of Korean film. The actor Xue Jingqiu smiled bitterly and revealed that every time he shoots, he will blink and be frightened by the echo. Grandma EL of Sanshen started the action film for the first time and was proud to shoot first. .

He used to film scenes at Liaoning Night Market in Taipei and Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung. Park Zhenrong never forgets Taiwan’s night market. Actors chat privately during filming and accumulate good feelings. Park Hae-soo’s unforgettable director Luo Xian wrote a thank-you letter in Chinese after filming the last scene in Taiwan and handed it over to the Taiwanese staff!

Netflix's annual espionage action blockbuster

Netflix's annual espionage action blockbuster

Netflix’s annual espionage action blockbuster “Yaksha: Bloody Spy War” was directed by Na Xian, the director of the crime movie “Breaking the Prison”, and invited to win 3 Korean film awards – Baeksang, Daejong, Qinglong The grand slam actor Xue Jingqiu, “Squid Game” Park Hae-soo, Sanshin Grandma EL, Park Jin-young from the Korean group GOT7, and Song Jae-rim, Yang Donggen and others starred.

Plot description In Shenyang, China, the largest war zone for spies in the world, Ji Kangren (played by Xue Jinggu), nicknamed Yasha, led the black team of the overseas branch of the South Korean National Intelligence Agency to carry out a mission in the local area, but it was suspected that reports on the local situation in Shenyang were sent back. It is a forgery. Special supervision prosecutor Han Yuxun (played by Park Hae-soo) set off to Shenyang to find out the truth, but was isolated by the black team for a time, but as Asia’s number one spy (played by Chi Nai Bozhi) seized important information from North Korea, in order to prevent the other party from succeeding. , Han Yuxun teamed up with the black team to launch a fierce and desperate showdown with the spies.

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Netflix's annual espionage action blockbuster

A total of 36 guns were used in the shooting of “Yaksha: Bloody Spy”, and the number of bullets used in the shooting process was about 7,700 rounds, making it the film with the most bullets in the history of Korean film. At the press conference on the 5th, Xue Jingqiu revealed that two instructors were invited to guide the filming scene. One actually worked in the intelligence agency and the other was from the special forces. They started from the basic postures, so the actors were very fast. I was familiar with the operation of the gun, and the shooting went smoothly.

Xue also smiled bitterly and said that although he had fired several times during filming in the past, this was the first time that he had used all kinds of guns. Although he wanted to shoot a handsome shot without blinking, he couldn’t help but blink every time he shot. It’s very hard to call out directly, and there are many scenes in the movie where you are in a cave or shooting in the middle of the night. Every time you shoot, you will be frightened by the loud echo. Seeing the younger generation of Park Jin-young, EL and Song Jae-rin He was surprised that the shot didn’t blink. Yang Donggen also proudly said that this should be an action scene that fans of Korean movies will look forward to, and he is quite confident in the shootout of this film.

Netflix's annual espionage action blockbuster

Netflix's annual espionage action blockbuster

In the past, EL, whose styling was mostly sexy and glamorous, was the only heroine in “Yaksha: Bloody Spy War”. EL, who had always wanted to act in action scenes, revealed excitedly that she agreed before she even finished reading the script. However, in the film, she played a member of the black team responsible for monitoring and interfering with messages. In order to play well and concentrate on this role, she appeared with short hair and a neutral shape and a masculine image. I hope everyone can see her change.

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EL also proudly said that he took the first place in shooting, and felt that he had the physique to be a gunman. He also joked that just seeing the sparks in front of the muzzle and smelling the gunpowder would make him excited. From the movie “Unblocking Men and Women” to “Yaksha: Bloody Spy War” and the new drama “My Exodus Diary”, which will be broadcast on the 9th, will be launched on Netflix. EL also expressed nervously, thinking that 190 countries around the world will have such When many people watch their own works of different looks at the same time, they feel quite happy.

Netflix's annual espionage action blockbuster

Although the location of “Yaksha: Bloody Spy War” is set in Shenyang, it was actually filmed in Taiwan and South Korea. In the trailer a few days ago, the refurbished residence of Wanhua Huajiang in Taipei and the streets of Taipei appeared. In addition, the crew also specially went to Kaohsiung Liuhe Night Market and Okayama to shoot. Because of the background setting factors of the plot, they also took great care in the post-production to include Taiwanese street scenes. All are processed into simplified characters.

When it comes to filming in Taiwan, Park Jinyoung said that although he started filming in Taiwan relatively late, he also went to the night market with everyone after he came to Taiwan and had a good time. Xue Jingqiu revealed that everyone got along very closely at the scene, showing a unique tacit understanding.

Park Hae-soo also revealed that everyone would drink together and talk about personal affairs when they were in Taiwan, so the relationship was very good. What he remembered even more was that on the last day of filming on stage, director Luo Xian specially gathered the Taiwanese and Korean staff together and wrote it himself. The Chinese letter to the staff in Taiwan, this caring and warm-hearted way made him particularly unforgettable.

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As for Xue Jingqiu and Park Haixiu, they both showed fluent Chinese and Japanese in the film. Both of them laughed and said that they were the results of their hard work, but their performance was well recognized by the director.【TOM—Lookin】

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