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Olivier Francois inducted into the Forbes Marketing Hall of Fame

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Olivier Francois inducted into the Forbes Marketing Hall of Fame

An award for Olivier Francois. The CEO of FIAT and Global Chief Marketing Officer of Stellantis, has been inducted into the inaugural class of Forbes’ CMO Hall of Fame, which rewards chief marketers who have been, or who in 2022 would have been, recognized in the Forbes World‘s Most Influential CMOs list, for five or more times.

“Tomorrow’s winners will be the brands that won’t be afraid to throw away the old recipe, embrace change and create a new game strategy,” said Olivier Francois. “Consumers don’t like marketing, but they still want to fall in love with brands. They love to hear stories about how a product can help them be and do better. A product they will be proud to own. Because pride is the currency of success in the modern day. word of mouth known as “social media.” At Stellantis, with 14 brands and 4 continents, we use the most cutting-edge tactics and formulas to secure the new results we call “impressions.” But if there’s anything I’ve learned in these 14 years of activity means that a lasting image counts more than a billion impressions. So, we try to find the most significant image, the most communicable, the one that can give rise to an emotion, a passion, a vocation or a movement . And we use Data to get it to its audience, without ever losing sight of what really matters: there is no algorithm for emotion. I am deeply honored to have received this nomination, which I want to share. dare with my teams wherever they are in the world, whatever the brand they represent “.

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For Forbes, the influence of CMOs is the impact their actions and words have on their organization and outside of it. This obviously includes corporate brand perception, as well as marketing, advertising, trends, financial results, and the overall impact of conversations and society on digital and social channels. For this year’s report, Forbes again teamed up with research partners Sprinklr and LinkedIn. Specifically, the score incorporated three AI-powered metrics that added qualitative indicators to quantitative metrics, examining customer sentiment, tone of news coverage, and social media sentiment.

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