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Orenda Shu Hao’s single “Water Baby” sparked heated debate, and tomorrow’s friends will play CALL madly-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: Orenda Shu Hao’s single “Water Baby” sparked heated debate, and friends will play CALL crazy tomorrow

Recently, the new single “Water Baby”, a new single “Water Baby” signed by Feiguo Music’s “Post-00 New Voice” rap representative Orenda Shu Hao, was exclusively launched on NetEase Cloud Music, and its popularity continues to soar. He uses Chinese, English, Korean, and Spanish to show in four languages. Thanks to his rap prowess, he posted more than 999+ comments in less than two hours on the homepage of Yiyun Music.

The new single “Water Baby” (水娃) is a very attitude work by the rapper Orenda Shu Hao. It combines the elements of jazz in the rap style, and the smooth melody makes people fascinated. “Water Baby” is Complimenting people or things you like is empathetic and moving. The extremely comfortable moment that makes people feel the warmth of the heart has captured the hearts of many girls.

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Before the release of the song, Orenda Shu Hao tried to shoot a VLOG video for the first time to warm up the new song “Water Baby”, and said “Water Words” in the office relaxed and lively. The atmosphere was humorous and active. The short video of more than 5 minutes revealed whether There is little “weight” information, the new song MV shooting tidbits, and the choreography and design of the dance moves by yourself are very exciting. In the video, Orenda Shu Hao set up FLAG for the popularity of the new song. If the popularity exceeds a certain amount, he will send corresponding gifts including autographed photos, Different forms of content and performances such as dolls, boy dancing, and girl dancing have also made music fans excited to participate in the activity actively, and completed the FLAG task in the shortest time. Orenda Shu Hao will also be the most precious Limited gifts are given to beloved fans as rewards.

Orenda Shu Hao, as an important member of the third class of “Tomorrow’s Sons Season 5”, when the new song “Water Baby” (水娃) was launched, he received friends Zhong Yixuan, the owner Heng, and Li Changgeng to strongly recommend the new song in the form of VCR. Calling, their collaborative work “Escape!” in “Tomorrow’s Creation Project” exploded on stage. With a different kind of self-confidence charm and immersive singing, the audience was impressed and impressed.

Orenda Shu Hao has been active in major rap variety shows since 2019. With his unique rap strength, he has won the favor and appreciation of many professional instructors in the circle, such as “China New Rap”, “Rap Listen to Me” and other programs The middle is a counterattack in a dark horse posture. Many high-quality rap works have been loved by music fans. The album “Easy Life” and the single “When You Are In Fear” were released in 2021 and received good response.

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