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Paint The Sky Red – Tamat

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Paint The Sky Red – Tamat

(c) Paint The Sky Red

Almost 14 years after its founding Paint The Sky Red decided to draw a line. The post rock quartet from Singapore feels that their creative journey is complete and finally wants to play live properly and extensively. It includes his fourth and final album, which is now coming to Europe in physical formats after a bit of a delay. “End” is the Malay term for “the end” or “completed” and creates a more than well-rounded finale.

Even now the band doesn’t do things by halves and unpacks over an hour of (almost) purely instrumental music. The fact that it has no length should come as no surprise given its predecessors. One of the highlights is without a doubt “Bussorah”, one of two ten-minute epics, whose ominous opening leads you on the wrong track and instead offers nervous tones. Ultimately, the very present bass line lays the foundation for a multi-layered, dramaturgically demanding track that first relies on some synthetics, then stalls the big climax, only to start again after a short breather – a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions.

“Mim” is also of enchanting, breathtaking beauty and runs into open doors with its buttery-soft, yet determined charm. The constant movement, the always tangible energy of the song creates contradictory images in the mind’s eye, while the later bitter distortion takes on almost metallic characteristics. Still, it remains forgiving. And then there is “Sedar”, the second giant and finale in one. This last song from the quartet prepares the big climax quite extensively, only to reveal layers that are magical and even hypnotizing. A hopeful exit with a laughing and a crying eye fits the picture.

As sad as it is to lose this talented band, their final release is just as successful. “Tamat” encapsulates Paint The Sky Red’s post-rock magic, expansive but still to the point at the right moment. Almost enchanting beauty repeatedly collides with raw synergies and small surprises, always supported by gripping narrative structures and, even without words, anything but silent or meaningless. Thanks for the music.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: February 9, 2024
Available via: Moment of Collapse Records (Broken Silence)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theskypaintedred

TAMAT by Paint The Sky Red

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