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Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF3 tire awarded: “The safest on dry and wet”

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Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF3 tire awarded: “The safest on dry and wet”

ROME – More recognition for Pirelli’s Cinturato All Season SF3, elected best four-season tire by two important sector magazines, the German “Auto Bild Sportscars” and the Italian “alVolante”. The two specialized publications compared the main products on the market in the all-season range and the Pirelli model was found to be the safest on both dry and wet surfaces, obtaining very positive opinions also in terms of behavior on snow.

In the German magazine’s test on wet asphalt, the Cinturato All Season SF3 proved to be “exemplary” in its resistance to aquaplaning and maneuverability both on a straight line and in curves. On dry surfaces it was the best in terms of braking, handling, steering response and rolling resistance. The notable performances were also recorded on snow where, according to Auto Bild Sportscars, with the Pirelli tire “you always travel safely even at high speeds.

The new all-season tire has convincing driving characteristics in all weather conditions.” In the tests of the Italian monthly magazine alVolante “the Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF3 stood out, standing out in the wet and when braking on dry surfaces”.

The tests of the two specialized magazines confirm the results already highlighted by two international certification bodies, namely Dekra, which rewards the long P tire for its braking performance, and Tüv Süd, which awarded it the Performance Mark. Furthermore, all sizes in the launch range have obtained the highest classification on the European label (class “A”) in wet grip. “Stability, acoustic comfort and rolling resistance levels close to those of a summer tire make it a high-performance product even in the hottest months of the year – they underline at the headquarters – while the grip on snow tested in severe winter conditions – such as demonstrates the 3PMSF marking – also makes it suitable for use in the cold season. A versatility obtained thanks to the adaptive tread technology with 3D sipes, which modifies its shape depending on the conditions, combined with the introduction of compounds effective in a wide range of temperatures”. Finally, it should be noted that Pirelli Elect technology is available on a selection of sizes of products in the Cinturato range, specifically designed to enhance the characteristics of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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