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‘Prison Break’ executive producer Zack Estrin dies at 51

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‘Prison Break’ executive producer Zack Estrin dies at 51
Zack Estrin

Zack Estrin, executive producer of “Prison Break” and operator of “Lost in Space”, has died at the age of 51. He is said to be in good health, and on the 23rd of this month, he died suddenly while jogging at Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles, the cause of death is suspected to be cardiac arrest. Estrin’s family released a statement confirming his death, expressing their deep love for him and thanking the public for their concern.

Estrin is a senior drama screenwriter and producer. His works also include “The Curse of the Holy Maiden”, “Deadly Call”, “Age of Love”, “Mystic River”, and “The Secret Confession”. Before his sudden death, he was still working on a new project with Netflix. Matt Thunell, associate director of Netflix series, also issued a statement in memory of him, saying that Estrin was deeply loved, “His work taught us to pursue adventure and to trust family.”

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