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Racing loses 1 to 0 on its visit to San Miguel

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Racing loses 1 to 0 on its visit to San Miguel

After what was the draw at home against Ferro, Racing is now visiting San Miguel from 1 p.m. for the 12th date of the Primera Nacional. At the end of the first half it falls 1 to 0.

The game was scheduled for Saturday afternoon but due to security reasons the game and time finally changed.

For the Academy this is another great opportunity to return to victory to get into the Reduced zone towards the second promotion, the great objective for this season.

Opposite appears a rival led by “el Sapito” Gustavo Coleoni and who has one point less and who has yet to complete their postponed match with Patronato de Paraná, so an even match is expected. In fact, most of them are in this category.

To visit San Miguel, coach Juan Carlos Olave had the right back Lautaro Geminiani enter in place of the injured Juan Cruz Arguello, who will not play for a couple of months.

The good news is that he recovered midfielder Abel Bustos, who was sent off against Maipú in Mendoza. He plays in place of the injured Leandro Fernández.

While Diego “Gurí” García came in instead of Olinick, who is on the bench.

The match is refereed by Felipe Viola and is broadcast via streaming by TyC Sports Play.

First time

In the first minutes San Miguel started with greater intensity but could not translate it into actions of real danger.

At 12 minutes the clearest action came: Sánchez stole a ball and set up Nasta well. The forward simulated a penalty that didn’t happen and missed a very clear chance in a one-on-one with the rival goalkeeper.

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San Miguel responded with a long-distance shot from Rojas that forced Mattalía’s stretch to fly and throw the ball into the corner.

And only at 31 minutes did the first goal arrive: Nahuel Luján dribbled inside the Racing area, sent a good cross that led to a rejection for Jorge Ferrero to score 1-0 for the local team.

The Academy was slow to notice the blow and once again became dangerous with a good shot from Pardo that Pucheta sent to the corner. And he was also able to tie it with a header from Rivero that a local man saved on the line.

Then no big things happened. Errors in the starts were repeated in both teams in the context of an even match. Little football, many fouls and a very frictional game, typical of the category.


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San Miguel and Racing formations:

St. Michael: George Pucheta; Ivan Antunes, Ariel Kippes, Facundo Cardozo and Peter Martinez; Diego Sosa, Thiago Cravero, Matthias Rojas and Nahuel Lujan; Jorge Ferrero and Martin Batallini. DT: Gustavo Coleoni.

Racing: Joaquin Mattalia; Lautaro Geminiani, Wilfredo Olivera, Facundo Rivero and Fernando Gonzalez; Abel Bustos; Axel Oyola, Diego Garcia and Nicholas Sanchez; Matthias Brown and Bruno Nasta. DT: John Charles Olave.

Stadium: San Miguel

Referee: Felipe Viola

Time: 13

TV: TyC Sports Play

Mundo Academia Podcast with Olave and the coaching staff

Positions in the First National

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