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Radiant Knife – Pressure

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Radiant Knife – Pressure

(c) Dege Legg

Published three years ago Radiant Knife a two-part album within a very short time, which, in addition to the usual heaviness in the sludge environment, also relied on prog and atmosphere. After this double EP, the US duo is now trying to achieve musical unity again, emphasized riff-heavy and escalating. „Pressure“ was recorded in our own studio at the beginning of 2022, but is only now taking off. The focus is primarily on the American dream, behind which there is usually a more than dubious system.

“Phil Collins Was Right” has a curious title and hides real abysses behind it. The hellish post-prog descent with a slow pace is reminiscent of the experimental second EP, dismantles itself and is atmospherically impressive despite the late riff walls. The fact that immediately following “Give Yourself Away” brings up massive stoner sludge elemental force and skilfully escalates at a relaxed pace, fits perfectly into the picture. Tasteful clumsiness with occasional moments of rough catchiness knows how to entertain and serves up exactly what you’ve come to expect from Radiant Knife.

For the concluding “Demon Legs” the duo ventures into prog realms. Eight twisted, complex minutes seek and finally find musical redemption. The events escalate consistently, adding math and core dulcimer passages, while the guitars squint into tech realms. Calm, introverted sections, bubbling tension and an ominous, dense atmosphere line the second half until it’s all over at some point. If it can be more compact and wacky, then the video release “His Capa Was Detated” is the right choice. Here Stephen Sheppert and Greg Travasos give themselves over to the jack of all trades, with great success.

“Pressure” brings together the best elements of the chopped up last album, accompanied by fresh madness. Yes, sludge, stoner riffs and progressive post approaches continue to play a central role, and it can also be a bit more atmosphere. And then there’s the gloriously broken, sagging math riffs, djent approaches, and broken chaos core eruptions – each compact and intentional, but wonderfully insane at the same time. Adding more gripping elements to their already sophisticated, eclectic sound, Radiant Knife reach for the crown of heavy metal hung madness.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: 07/14/2023
Available from: self-distribution

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Radiantknife

Slider-Pic (c) Greg Travasos

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