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Resurrecting the Dead: The Cruel Reality of AI-Generated Celebrity Videos

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Qiao Renliang’s Father Responds to Son Being Resurrected by AI

The rise of AI technology has opened up new possibilities, including the ability to “resurrect” deceased celebrities through the use of artificial intelligence. While some may find this concept intriguing or even comforting, it has sparked a wave of controversy and outrage among the families of the deceased stars.

In recent weeks, videos of AI-resurrected celebrities such as Gao Yixiang and Qiao Renliang have circulated online, causing distress and anguish for their loved ones. Qiao Renliang’s father, in particular, has spoken out against the videos, calling on bloggers to remove them from their platforms. He, along with Gao Yixiang’s family, has condemned the use of their deceased loved ones’ images and voices for entertainment purposes.

The ethical implications of AI resurrection have been brought into question, with critics arguing that it is a disrespectful and hurtful practice. While some may see it as a form of tribute or remembrance, others view it as a violation of the deceased’s dignity and privacy.

The issue extends beyond the individual families, as it raises concerns about the exploitation of celebrity deaths for commercial gain. Celebrities such as Wong Ka Kui, Leslie Cheung, and Yao Beina have also been “resurrected” through AI technology, turning them into mere commodities for online consumption.

As the debate continues to unfold, it is clear that action must be taken to regulate the use of AI in this context. The production and dissemination of these videos must be monitored, and platforms must take responsibility for removing harmful content. By prioritizing ethics and respect for the deceased and their families, we can ensure that AI technology is used responsibly and ethically in the future.

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