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Weather in NRW: Will Easter fall through? Expert with a clear prognosis

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Weather in NRW: Will Easter fall through?  Expert with a clear prognosis

The weather in North Rhine-Westphalia has kept us quite busy this winter. It didn’t want to get really cold, hopes of a few snowy days were raised and then dashed by various weather forecasts. The German Weather Service (DWD) declared this year’s winter to be “exceptionally mild”. There was even record rainfall in northern Germany.

Will this trend continue? An expert gives an outlook on the Easter weather in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Weather in NRW: Looking for Easter eggs in the rain

In recent decades, Easter has had everything weather-wise. While some older people in particular can still remember an Easter egg hunt in the snow, there were also holidays when people sat in the sun in shorts. And what about this year?

It is still too early for a detailed forecast for the Easter days, but wetter.net presenter Kathy Schrey ventures a first guess. “More wet, humid weather towards Easter,” she predicts for the holidays. However, she is ruling out real precipitation for the time being.

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Is this tradition in danger of being canceled at Easter?

This winter’s heavy rainfall could have devastating consequences for a popular Easter tradition. Because of all the rain, the asparagus harvest could fail before Easter, as WDR reports. In addition to all the rain, Easter is also earlier than usual this year. For comparison: Last year, Easter fell a whole week later on April 9th, and in 2022 it was only April 17th. So do Germans have to give up their favorite dish?

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An asparagus farmer from North Rhine-Westphalia reports: There just needs to be a little more sun per day and the popular vegetable will still end up on the plate.

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But asparagus lovers have to be prepared for a hefty price. “So, we are getting close to the 20 euro limit per kilo,” explains the asparagus farmer to WDR. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed so that the weather in North Rhine-Westphalia is kind to us during the Easter holidays and doesn’t rain.

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