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Shen Yun New Era Troupe Wows Audience in Paris with Sold-Out Performances

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Shen Yun New Era Troupe Wows Audience in Paris with Sold-Out Performances

Shen Yun New Era Troupe Wows Audience in Paris

The American Shen Yun New Era Troupe recently concluded two grand performances in Paris on March 2, 2024, at the Palais des Congrès de Paris. The performances marked the end of the first round of the local performance season and received thunderous applause from the sold-out audiences.

Mainstream elites from various sectors in France praised the performances for showcasing top artistic standards. Shen Yun New Era Troupe performed a total of seven shows at the Paris International Convention Center from February 27 to March 2, with each show being completely sold out.

One notable attendee, Christophe Barnini, Vice President of France’s Petroleum Group, and his wife, Myriam Barnini, were in attendance for the first time. Barnini praised the professionalism and quality of the performance, highlighting the elegance and skill displayed in Chinese classical dance.

French publisher Chambrun Pierre also commended Shen Yun’s artistic level, describing it as “absolutely top-notch” and emphasizing the emotional depth present in the performances. He appreciated the balance between music and dance and the profoundness of Chinese philosophy conveyed through the show.

In another instance, writer Djanet Bucci expressed her admiration for the beauty and grace of Shen Yun, noting the connection to nature and energy that the performance evoked. She specifically lauded the meticulous attention to detail and the in-depth exploration of Chinese culture within the show.

Amaury King, the owner of a cosmetics company, attended the performance with his wife and was mesmerized by the elegance and exquisiteness of Shen Yun. He particularly appreciated the unique dance steps and spiritual connotations present in the performances.

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Photographer Jean-François Putot and beautician Catherine Lambrecht were captivated by the visual effects of the show, especially the intricacies of the dance performances and the storytelling elements. Putot highlighted the importance of reviving traditional Chinese culture and showcasing the dedication of the performers.

The audience members also had the opportunity to learn about Falun Gong and purchase related books and handmade lotus flowers after the performances, further enriching their experience.

Overall, Shen Yun New Era Troupe left a lasting impression on the audience in Paris with its mesmerizing performances and deep-rooted cultural significance, showcasing the beauty and artistry of Chinese classical dance to the world.

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