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Sign by sign, Jimena La Torre’s predictions for the last week of February 2024 – Diario RÃo Negro

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Sign by sign, Jimena La Torre’s predictions for the last week of February 2024 – Diario RÃo Negro

Jimena La Torre spread his weekly prediction for each of the signs of the Zodiac. She did so by posting a video on the YouTube social network of him.

Specifically, the renowned astrologer advanced what will lie ahead for each zodiac sign the week from Sunday, February 25 to Saturday, March 2, 2024.

As La Torre detailed, this week begins with a full moon that cut the sign of Virgo, continues through Libra and Scorpio and begins the month of March. TO THEThe emotions are raw and all the signs feel it,” he noted.

Remember that you can consult the daily horoscope to know what the future holds for you in love, money and health.

Horoscope: the predictions of Jimena La Torre

Aries: They are number one in love. Improve your analysis to believe in love. They will have emotions on the surface. Lucky card: Ace of cup.

Taurus: The full Earth Moon, like Virgo, helps you analyze emotions and be the great sage of emotions. Lucky card: Nine of Cups.

Gemini: This time you remember what you have, remembering the past makes you recover your affections. Lucky card: King of cups.

Cancer: This week they give you the possibility to believe even more in love, to unite with the one you love most. Seeing that one of the people you love the most needs you. Lucky card: seven of cups.

Leo: The Moon gives you strength and increases the power of love. It will be to analyze what you feel. Lucky card: five of cups.

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Virgo: The full Moon in your sign gives you the chance to find a partner where you least expect it and also gives you the possibility of making agreements. Lucky card: two of cups.

Libra: There are celebrations, there are developments of new projects, there is multiplication, but the most interesting thing is that the week is going to develop with great success starting on Tuesday. Lucky card: Three of cups.

Scorpio: The sun in Pisces brings proposals of love and improvements, it is time to accept what they offer you, a journey that unites you with your real partner. Lucky card: Eight of cups.

Sagittarius: Life stimulates affections and brings revolutions in your quiet life as a team and as a couple. Lucky card: Four of clubs.

Capricorn: The Moon in Virgo activates professional improvements, you resolve very good deals and accompany the development of a good home. Lucky card: golden seven.

Aquarium: Mars stayed in your sign, taking advantage of the possibility of giving a lot of love and positive energy to others, take advantage of rebuilding the couple. You will achieve greater security in your work life. Lucky card: Queen of Cups.

Pisces: You are the chosen one of the moment, the sun in your sign gives you the strength so that you have a great capacity for transmutation and can recover from the past, which helps you for the future. Lucky card: Knight of Cups.

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