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Sophia Loren Undergoes Surgery for Hip Fracture, Postpones Restaurant Opening

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Sophia Loren Undergoes Surgery for Hip Fracture, Postpones Restaurant Opening

Italian Actress Sophia Loren Hospitalized Following Surgery for Hip Fracture

Italian actress Sophia Loren, 89, has undergone surgery for a hip fracture after falling at her home in Geneva, Switzerland. The surgery took place on Sunday and Loren is expected to remain hospitalized for several days before starting rehabilitation.

Loren, known as the great diva of Italian cinema and an international star, had recently celebrated her 89th birthday on September 20. She had plans to relocate to Bari, a city in the south of Italy, this week to inaugurate the newest branch of her restaurant chain, the “Sophia Loren Restaurant.” This new location in Bari would have been the fourth in Italy, following Milan, Florence, and Fiumicino in Rome.

Furthermore, Loren was set to receive honorary citizenship of the Apulia region’s capital, Bari, during this visit. Unfortunately, due to her need for surgery, she will not be able to attend the event. However, the restaurant chain assured everyone that the operation went well and expressed optimism that Loren will return soon.

Loren’s two sons, Edoardo and Carlo, are currently with her during her hospitalization, according to a statement from the restaurant chain.

In 2020, Loren filmed her latest movie in Bari called “La vita davanti a sé,” which was directed by her son, Edoardo Ponti. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Romain Gary.

Despite her recent health setback, Loren has been active in various events and appearances. In September, she served as the godmother for the “One night only” parade-event organized by Armani at the Arsenale in Venice. In June, she also played a significant role in the celebration of the hundred-year anniversary of the Verona Arena Opera Festival.

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Fans and supporters of Sophia Loren eagerly await her recovery and anticipate her return to the public eye.

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