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spotlight |  healthy wills – wienkonzert.com

healthy wills“ from Stockholm in Sweden stands for friendship (and alcohol) like no other band. In 2005, school friends Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson were dumped by their girlfriends at the same time, so they went drinking together and ended up in the recording studio. In 2006 the result of her lovesickness was released, namely her debut album “bravo“. Shortly afterwards they landed in Hamburg to make street music and found a label that also released their debut record in German-speaking countries.

What followed: a bunch of real concerts and more albums: “tour de hearts“ (2008), „for new beginnings“ (2009), „the beginning of the beginning of the end“ (2011), „remember our name“ (2013), „my name is healthy wills(2015) and “broken(2019). By the way, “broken” was also created because of a breakup and of course had to be processed musically together with the best friend.

In 2022, friska viljor released the album titled “don’t save the last dance“ and then went on tour straight away. After that it was quiet about the band – it wasn’t until December 2023 that they reported back on social media and announced a tour that would take them to Vienna, among other places! And anyone who knows friksa viljor knows: friska viljor are a live band that you have to experience! No matter whether you are sad or happy – friksa viljor will make sure that you feel really good, at least for a short period of time. and that is the most wonderful thing you can experience. So get your tickets and get lucky!

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shhh! If you want to get to know the band even better, they recently launched a podcast and chat about their entire band history – well worth listening to! You can find all the information here!

29.04.2024 / healthy will im flex (fb event) (tickets)

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