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It all started in the mid-90s: Björn Dixgard and Daniel Haglund, both from Borlänge in Sweden, founded the band “Butler” together. Gustaf Noren joined the band in 1996, followed by Carl-Johan Fogelklou and Samuel Giers in 1999. From this point on, i.e. at the time of the original line-up, they wanted to take their music project more seriously and changed their name to “mando diao” around. They locked themselves in a Swedish summer house, began writing songs, and in 2002 presented their debut album “bring ‚em in“including first single”sheepdog„.

After positive reviews and small tours through Scandinavia, the first line-up change followed in 2003-2004: Daniel Haglund left the band and Mats Björke took over. At the same time, Mando Diao also became better known internationally because their song “lady“was used for a commercial for the mobile phone provider e-plus. The debut album was then released in Germany and at the same time toured in and around Germany.

In 2005, the second album “Hurricane Bar” was released, which immediately entered the German charts. Numerous festival appearances and even more fame followed – and then the band released their third album “it will protect you“ onto the market, including the single release “long before rock’n’roll“. “Mando Diao” and their songs were on everyone’s lips, also because of the DVD called “down in the past“, which appeared in 2007.

In 2007 the fourth album “never seen the light of day“ followed by the fifth album “give me fire!“ in 2009. the single released with it “dance with somebody“ rose to number 2 in the German charts and even to number 1 in Austria, making it the band’s most successful single. In 2010 they recorded an MTV unplugged session and released it on a recording entitled “above and beyond“. a true masterpiece!

The next departure followed in 2011: drummer Samuel Giers left the band, and Patrik Heikinpieti (drums) and Daniel Haglund (who had already been with the band) joined. In 2012 the sixth album “infruset“ in purely Swedish language. The seventh album “aelita“and marked a new direction musically. Also in 2014, Mats Björke left the band. A year later, in 2015, Gustaf Noren also said goodbye to the group. After so much turmoil, “mando diao” reoriented itself. In May 2017 they marked their new path with the album “good times“ and the single “shakeand a new band member named Jens Siverstedt on guitar.

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The ninth album was released in 2019.bang“, In 2020 they released the Swedish album “in the Sunset“ after and in April 2023 the eleventh album “boblikov’s magical world“. And it is precisely this eleventh album that “Mando Diao” finally brings back to Vienna at the beginning of December. Admittedly, you never know what they’re doing, who’s in the band and who’s not, but as long as they play a few hits, it’s worth attending the spectacle at the Gasometer! Treat yourself to a ticket and come along on the rock’n’roll journey of “Mando Diao”!

12/04/2023 / mando diao in the gasometer (fb event) (tickets)

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