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The game that made you press countless keyboards in childhood is getting better day by day – Game – cnBeta.COM

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The game that made you press countless keyboards in childhood is getting better day by day – Game – cnBeta.COM

“If you sneeze suddenly, it must be me thinking of you.” Recently, Wang Xinling’s “Love You” swept social platforms such as Weibo and Douyin, triggering the collective memory killing of the post-90s generation. There are many netizens who exclaimed, “My dazzling dance youth is back!” It was as popular as “Love You” in Internet cafes back then, and “QQ Xuanwu”, which captured thousands of boys and girls, how many “QQ Xuanwu” The player, along with the rhythm of “Love You”, pressed the space bar one after another.


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As a music rhythm game, “QQ Dance” is also a childhood memory of countless people. Since its launch in 2008, “QQ Dance” has been favored by many players with its rich game modes, light casual gameplay, and multiplayer online social functions. In the past, playing “QQ Dance” in the Internet cafe attracted many passers-by and became the youth memory of countless players.

The popular offline dance king competition that year attracted thousands of boys and girls

For fourteen years, “QQ Dance” has become an evergreen game. The players of that year are growing up slowly, and “QQ Xuanwu” is constantly advancing with the times and bringing forth new ideas. Some old players have left the game because of their studies and work, and there are also waves of new players who come here. “QQ Dance” has accompanied the growth of generations. Because of the explosion of “Love You”, many old players thought of “QQ Hyun Dance” again and wanted to regain the memory of the past.

Today’s “QQ Dance” is more than just a game. He carried the youth of the post-90s and post-00s, and became more and more high-spirited. He also integrated into the real world. He cooperated deeply with Luoyang Cultural Tourism to contribute to the inheritance of traditional culture. Not long ago, in the “Luoyang Peony Best World” live broadcast event, invited by the Luoyang Municipal Government, the virtual spokesperson of “QQ Dance”, Xing Tong, served as the “Luoyang Cultural Tourism Star Promotion Officer” to empower the new format of the cultural tourism industry with digitalization , has been widely praised by the outside world. This event is a passionate collision between games and traditional culture, which confirms the more possibilities of “QQ Dance”.

In recent years, Henan Satellite TV, which has been out of the circle frequently because of traditional culture and is known as the “cultural ceiling”, also threw an olive branch to “QQ Dance”. The peony season dance program “Flower Dance Star Wonderful Night” jointly created by Henan Satellite TV and “QQ Dance” continues the traditional cultural soul of Henan Satellite TV’s “Wonderful Tour” series. As one of the theme activities for the anniversary of the Luoyang Peony Season, “Flowers and Stars” will convey the concept of “blooming” – blooming hope and blooming youth.

“Fantasy Night with Flowers and Stars” will be performed by well-known dancer Meng Qingyang and virtual person Xingtong. Henan Satellite TV is frequently praised for its strong program production capabilities. Excellent programs such as “Tang Palace Night Banquet” and “Dunhuang Feitian” have repeatedly appeared in the circle, showing the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. And Xing Tong, the virtual spokesperson of “QQ Hyun Dance”, represents the ceiling of virtual human technology. At the beginning of this year, the UE5 rendering technology displayed by Xingtong at station B has been widely praised by netizens for its excellent performance. This audio-visual feast presented by both parties can be called a collision between traditional culture and technology.

Xingtong is the first virtual human fashion dancer in China. She once studied with the well-known dancer Yang Liping and inherited the innovative peacock dance, which once triggered discussions outside the circle. At the beginning of February this year, Xingtong joined hands with figure skating world champions Pang Qing and Tong Jian to present a unique and wonderful dance to the audience. This video has received nearly 1.6 million views on station B and received rave reviews. Recently, Xingtong also appeared on the May 4th Youth Day special program organized by CCTV, and performed a “New youth” dance with young students. This event that broke through the dimensional wall has become a microcosm of the development trend of virtual human technology.

It can be said that Xingtong represents the cutting-edge achievements of virtual human technology and has attracted widespread attention in the industry. The cooperation between Xingtong and Henan Satellite TV can be called a powerful alliance. As Xing Tong’s partner, teacher Meng Qingyang, a well-known dancer, is also an old acquaintance of the audience. Previously, Meng Qingyang appeared on the Spring Festival Gala with “Only Blue and Green”, bringing a visual feast to the people of the whole country and showing the great charm of classical culture. As the lead dancer, Meng Qingyang’s classical temperament showed the beauty of oriental women to the fullest. In “Flower Dance and Starry Night”, Meng Qingyang will play the role of Peony Fairy. Her interaction with Xingtong has aroused infinite curiosity from the outside world.

With the flourishing Tang Dynasty as the background and the peony as the introduction, “Flower Dance and Starry Night” interprets the artistic conception of the flourishing Tang Dynasty. And the concept conveyed by “QQ Dance of Dance” – waiting patiently, full of hope, we will bloom enthusiastically in the end, which coincides with “The Wonderful Night of Flower Dance and Stars”, which is also the opportunity for this cooperation between the two parties. At present, I believe that many people are facing the test of “cold winter”, but we must be like peony flowers, not to succumb to life, and believe that we will have a moment of blooming life. Until then, all we need to do is wait patiently.

In this regard, “QQ Dance” provides each player with a window to express their personal emotions. Players can share the moments when they “bottomed out” and dance in the game as Peony Fairies, blooming their own beauty. On the occasion of the 14th anniversary of “QQ Dance”, the bridge built by the virtual human star pupil will break through the barrier of the dimension wall, let the charm of the game shine into reality, and complement the traditional culture.

The fourteenth anniversary is a wonderful node. Whether it is an old player who used to linger in “QQ Xuanwu” or a new player who has never been in contact with “QQ Xuanwu”, now is a good opportunity to join the world of “QQ Xuanwu” . The new 3D scene “Street Garden” in the game is grandly opened. Players can experience many colorful activities and start a brand new dance journey.

The Street Garden contains two cross-regional scenes, the Street Mansion and the Fashion Studio. In the banquet hall of the mansion, players can change into gorgeous dresses, meet with friends, and enjoy a sweet afternoon tea time together. There will also be a gorgeous fireworks show in the open-air bar. I believe that many people’s good memories will be awakened. Players who pursue romance should not miss it.

Participate in the Bingo Connect Challenge to win precious afternoon tea series rewards, including business card sets, room boards, social boards and other rich prizes. The birthday coin store familiar to players will be opened again. Through game consoles, fireworks displays and other gameplay, you can get unique “birthday coins 2022”, which can be used to buy limited clothing in the anniversary celebration.

In this anniversary celebration, the fashion studio will provide more than 100 pieces of limited clothing, enough to make people dizzy and addicted to it. Interestingly, players can enjoy the same shopping experience as the real world in the fashion studio, bring friends to try on clothes, pose for photos, and enjoy shopping discounts. In the limited-time birthday coin mall, new limited products are waiting for players to come and get them.

At the same time, the fashion studio clothing collection activity has been launched simultaneously. Use the new clothing in the fashion studio to match, and submit works in the QQ Xuanwu Players Forum, that is, you will have the opportunity to be selected and show the clothing when the clothing is sadly sold. Works and player signatures are available for all players to view.

The first OST of “QQ Dance”, “Celebration Time”, is one of the highlights of this anniversary. This sincere album contains all the game audio soundtracks of the Anniversary Celebration 2022, which is now available on QQ Music. Log in to the game before June 6, 2022, and you can also get a collection of commemorative audio dynamic business cards “Celebration Time”, which is worth collecting.

In terms of welfare, the new magic set “Time Traveler” will be added to the magic house on June 1, and the synthesis probability of time traveler will be UP. And when you log in to the game from May 28th to 31st, you can also receive a precious material box for free, and you will be able to open a magic wand. At the same time, in the space-time store, magic wands have been sold for a limited time, and the super discount for 100 magic wands purchased with 10Q coins is available for a limited time.

The new home skin “Eternal Forest” will also be added to the advanced blueprint system on June 1. During the event, the limited-time Eternal Forest exchange UP will be opened. Players log in to the game from May 28th to 31st, and can get 200 premium drawing coupons for free every day.

And the commemorative anniversary celebration 2022 “Huhushengwei” souvenir will also be added to the special store on May 28. You can get a three-piece set of Huhushengwei for only 0.1Q coins. It can be said that it is Full of sincerity.

Looking back on the past years, there are very few online games that have been in operation for more than ten years, and countless classic games have fallen silent with the passage of time. “QQ Dance”, which has carried the youth of several generations, can maintain continuous operation for 14 years, which is enough to prove its strong vitality. It is undeniable that “QQ Dance” has been integrated into people’s lives and has become the hub of friendship and even love.

Today, “QQ Dance” has become a cultural symbol of the Chinese Internet, no longer just a game, but a microcosm of an era. With the help of the virtual spokesperson Xing Tong, “QQ Hyun Dance” broke through the dimensional wall, and under the collision of technology and traditional culture, a more enthusiastic spark bloomed. Fourteen years have passed, and “QQ Dance” is still constantly seeking changes and innovations, constantly surpassing itself, and bringing players a splendid gaming experience. Isn’t this a gorgeous “blooming” of self?

Whether it is an old player who has been in “QQ Xuanwu” in the past, or a new player who has just entered the pit, we have reason to believe that in the next ten years, we can still meet again in “QQ Xuanwu”. And this is our youth handbook.

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