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The Ghost Inside – Searching For Solace

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The Ghost Inside – Searching For Solace

(c) Markus Hauschild

Once founded as A Dying Dream, are considered The Ghost Inside For two decades now, they have been metalcore perennial favorites who have been able to overcome even serious setbacks with astonishing vehemence. Almost four years after their eponymous work, the quintet is back and announces more melodies and more structure, without wanting to forego the rough heaviness. „Searching For Solace“ bundles all of the veterans’ strengths into eleven rousing chapters.

“Death Grip” also shows that people don’t shy away from smaller experiments. Electronic influences and a touch of breakbeat break down the proceedings with increasing enthusiasm. Significantly more heaviness and – of course – a huge breakdown skilfully round off the event. “Earn It”, the first precursor, is also entertaining and offers familiar fare, which is of course not a bad thing. Brutal verses, powerful chorus with clear vocals, rough neck blows and unfiltered emotions in between – that’s exactly why The Ghost Inside is known and loved.

In general, the Californian quintet packs everything that defines them into it. The opening “Death Grip” is clearly poppy, almost sensitive in the main part, but at the same time serves up the hook in an incredibly gripping way. There is no getting around it, just like the harmony-requiring “Wash It Away”. This predominantly sung track delves into modern rock or modern metal realms, which The Ghost Inside also does well – including the final breakdown. And then there is “Breathless”, which oscillates between complete freaking out and thick gauze melody carpets, feels almost plush and yet causes pleasant pain.

The Ghost Inside keep their promises on their sixth studio album and tear down walls with increasing enthusiasm. Yes, “Searching For Solace” is actually a bit catchier, more melodic, almost poppy overall. However, when the US metalcore specialists get their act together, they do it right: in terms of heaviness, but also the joy of experimentation, they have made a lot of upgrades. And so ultimately everything that defines the men comes together in these eleven tracks, accompanied by a welcome look outside the box. Even after all these years, The Ghost Inside remains untouchable.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: April 19, 2024
Available via: Epitaph Records (Indigo)

Website: theghostinside.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theghostinside

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