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The Golden Bear goes to “Dahomey” by Mati Diop

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The Golden Bear goes to “Dahomey” by Mati Diop

However, part of the credit for the success of this beautiful feature film must certainly be shared with the leading actress Isabelle Huppert, who has arrived here at her third collaboration with the Asian author.

From the Jury Prize to Best Screenplay

The Jury Prize goes to the Frenchman Bruno Dumont for “L’empire”, a parody of science fiction cinema, funny and grotesque, capable of confirming once again the genius of the transalpine director.

The Silver Bear for best director went to the Dominican author Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias for “Pepe”, an experimental and surprising work, centered on the story of one of the hippos brought illegally to South America by Pablo Escobar. As regards acting performances, the Silver Bear for best leading performance saw Sebastian Stan triumph for the American film “A Different Man” by Aaron Schimberg, while for best supporting performance the title went to great British actress Emily Watson for the film “Small Things Like These” by Tim Mielants. The award for best artistic contribution was awarded to the cinematography of “The Devil’s Bath”, an Austrian horror film directed by Veronica Franz and Severin Fiala; the one for best screenplay to the torrential German feature film “Dying” by Matthias Glasner, a 180-minute film enhanced by the excellent performance of the protagonist Lars Eidinger.

The other prizes

In the Encounters section, the award for best film went to the very powerful “Direct Action”, a Franco-German co-production, directed by Guillaume Cailleau and Ben Russell. The statuette for best director went to the Brazilian Juliana Rojas for “Cidade; Campo” and the Special Jury Prize ex aequo to the Iranian “The Great Yawn of History” and to the Chinese “Some Rain Must Fall” by Qiu Yang. Finally, it should be noted that the prize for best first work was awarded to the Vietnamese “Cu Li Never Cries”, film by Pham Ngoc Lan, presented in the Panorama section. The best documentary comes from the Panorama Dokumente group: the Palestinian “No Other Land”, whose victory was accompanied by statements from the jury and directors against the Israeli occupation. “No Other Land” is a feature film signed by four names, but Basel Adra and Yuval Abraham spoke on stage, the first Palestinian and the second Israeli, giving life to a beautiful message in favor of peace.

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