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The Government prohibited the payment of overtime for state employees

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The Government prohibited the payment of overtime for state employees

The National Government issued a resolution so that all State agencies are reorganized overtime of employees of all organizations. This will imply that to carry them out it will be necessary prior authorization from the area that requests themwhere the reason for the order will appear.

The resolution bears the signature of Armando Daniel Guibert, in charge of the Secretariat of Transformation of the State and Public Functionwhich depends on the Head of Ministers headed by Nicolás Posse, and was sent to the heads of the ministries and the secretariats or undersecretariats that depend on each portfolio.

“It is reported that by virtue of the objective of rationalization of State resources established in Decree No. 8/2023, and in order to have an orderly functional management of the distribution of activities of your department’s staffas of today, the allocation of overtime is suspended“The operational tasks must be scheduled during the normal legal work day of each agent,” the resolution states in its second paragraph.

According to some of those affected, with this provision, Their salaries will decrease considerablysince the minimum agreements are very low.

“Exceptionally, in the event that the impossibility of responding to urgent operational needs that clearly compromise the public service is proven, the assignment of extraordinary services may be justified. To do this, the functions of the organization and the personnel necessary to fulfill them must be planned.“, appears in the letter that was sent to the public departments dated Wednesday the 10th.

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“In the latter case, the authority with a rank not lower than National Director; General or equivalent, you must request the assignment of extraordinary services, following a detailed report on the causes that prevent compliance with the service requirements, based on an analysis of resources and operational modalities,” he adds.

“The aforementioned request must be submitted to the highest administrative authority with jurisdiction over the administration of the budget of each jurisdiction or entity, who will approve or deny it. The latter will communicate such decision to the area responsible for human resources and to the requesting authority,” it states later.

“In turn, each administrative authority must report monthly to this Secretariat, with a copy to the National Directorate for Monitoring Investment in Human Capital of the National Public Sector of the Ministry of Economy, the allocation of authorized extraordinary services and the budget impact”, he concludes.

The measure refers to decree 8/2023 that President Javier Milei signed on the first day he took office, which established the reduction of ministries and secretariats, amongand other expenses that they seek to reduce in a State that they consider “oversized”. This decision that Guibert now signed was made after an internal audit in which it was detected that a large part of the salaries contain this component.

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