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The Health Crisis of Mexican Actor and TV Host Daniel Bisogno: Updates and Concerns

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The Health Crisis of Mexican Actor and TV Host Daniel Bisogno: Updates and Concerns

In recent weeks, the state of health of the actor and Mexican driver, Daniel Bisogno has grabbed the headlines of the country’s main media outlets.

The main host of the program “Windowing”, Pati Chapoy, recently reported that her colleague communicator has five days in intensive care and intubated which has worried the artistic union in Mexico, which has shown great signs of solidarity.

In a visit to the hospital, Chapoy revealed that Bisogno had been unable to breathe on his own, as he did not have enough strength in his muscles, he revealed. The show’s producer also said that he has shown some improvement, but will require supplemental oxygenation for a few more days.

And he added: “He has responded well to antibiotics to end the infection he has in his lungs and, from there, wait for him to recover and be strong enough so that he can continue with his life.”

Chapoy said that “I don’t know how many more days he will be hospitalized.” [Bisogno] So we will continue to wait with that will on Daniel’s part, that energy that characterizes him, so that he can overcome this.”

It is worth mentioning that, in May 2023, Bisogno underwent various surgeries for the rupture or rupture of esophageal varices, which caused him to lose considerable weight. It didn’t take long for him to return to the hospital wards, as his gallbladder had to be removed. This same procedure triggered, according to doctors, the lung infection that he suffers from today.

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During an interview given to At Saga for his running mate, Pedro Sola, said that Bisogno waited a week before having gallbladder surgery; so it burst “and all that broth of bacteria and all the dirt that the liquid had infected the lungs; So we had to bombard him with antibiotics.”

When he realized the statements he was giving, Sola was interrupted by people from his artistic representation team, who asked him not to give more details about what happened to his colleague.

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