Home Entertainment The lead singer of the Magic Red Band sings the theme song of “The Great Movie of the Wang Wang Team” will be released on January 14th_TOM News

The lead singer of the Magic Red Band sings the theme song of “The Great Movie of the Wang Wang Team” will be released on January 14th_TOM News

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Produced by American Paramount Pictures, the famous animation IP “Wang Wang Team Made a Great Contribution”The first big movie “The Great Movie of Wang Wang Team”alreadySet fileIt will be screened nationwide on January 14, 2D Chinese dubbed version will be screened simultaneously, and the film will be released todayTheme song “Good Mood” MV, Songs by well-known bandsAdam Levine, the lead singer of Magic Red, sings. Once the theme song MV was released, it attracted the attention of many fans. At the same time, Adam Levine also recorded an ID for the movie “The Great Movie of Wang Wang Team”. The film’s box office in North America exceeded 13 million U.S. dollars within three days of its release in North America, and it was crowned the weekly box office champion of North American animated films. In addition, “Wang Wang’s Great Contribution Movie” has also gained a high reputation in North America, and the freshness of rotten tomatoes is as high as 79%. Come to the theater and meet the Wang Wang team on January 14th!

The main singer of the Magic Red Band sings the theme song of

In the MV of the film’s theme song “Good Mood” released today, the new headquarters building of Wang Wang team is unobstructed, which makes the children shine. In addition to the comprehensive headquarters building, the dogs’ wearing equipment and rescue vehicles have also been fully upgraded. Every member of the Wang Wang team has its own super equipment! The wearing of cool equipment and the transformation of high-tech rescue vehicles will surely fascinate children! This time, all members of the Wang Wang team assembled and followed Captain Ryder to leave Adventure Bay and head to Adventure City. Interestingly, Xiao Li dragged a large box of dog biscuits to share with everyone! At the same time, the dogs danced happily on the bus to the song of Adam Levine, looking forward to a wonderful trip to Adventure City.

The main singer of the Magic Red Band sings the theme song of

It is worth mentioning that this is the first time Adam Levine sang the theme song for an animated film. He also recorded IDs for the fans of the Wang Wang team, and at the same time saying hello to the fans, he also reminded everyone to go to the theater to watch the “Wow Team Great Contribution Movie”. It has to be said that the dogs of the Wang Wang team and the theme song “Good Mood” have a good combination. The joyful music and the brave and funny Wang Wang team make the audience look forward to the film more. Of course, the dogs of the Wang Wang team will also bring a good mood to the big friends and children on the day of the screening!

As the most popular children’s IP, the series of animated series “Wows and Wangs” has been introduced to China in 2015. It has been launched on major video websites and achieved super high click-through rates. In 2017, it was launched on CCTV Children’s Channel and Golden Eagle. Cartoon and other children’s channels. Once the series of animations was launched, it has been enthusiastically sought after by parents and children all over the world. It is known and loved by more and more children. “No difficult work, only brave dogs” has become the classic slogan most familiar to children. In addition, Wang Wang team also ushered in more young audiences. After the film was released overseas, it was well received. Many netizens said: “The Wang Wang team loved by parents and children is back” and “I recommend parents to bring their children to watch the film.” Once the film information was released in China, parents and children expressed their expectations for the release of the first big movie of “Wang Wang’s Great Contribution”.

The film is produced by Paramount Pictures of the United States and will be released nationwide on January 14, 2022. The children’s favorite Wang Wang team landed in the winter vacation, look forward to joining the Wang Wang team to embrace this exciting new adventure!


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