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The online movie “Mortal Heroes” is set for November 26th. The story of the young “new theme” focuses on the various living things in the epidemic era_TOM Entertainment

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Today, the online movie “Mortal Heroes”, adapted from the real story background, announced that it will be broadcast exclusively on Youku on November 26th. As a boutique network audio-visual project of the State Administration of Radio and Television, the Beijing Radio and Television Network Audio-visual Development Fund supports the project film, “Mortal Hero” has also received the guidance of the State Administration of Radio and Television, the Beijing Radio and Television Bureau, and the support of the Hubei Radio and Television Bureau.

The film is directed by Yao Wenyi, the director of the web drama “Chinatown Detective”, starring Yu Entai, Yi Yunhe, and Chen Hao, starring Bai Zeze, Xiao Ai, Chen Yumi, and Wu You, with a special starring Bai Ke and Du Yiheng, and Luo Ji friendly. In a way that young people like nowadays, through portraits of small people in a special period, the story of ordinary Chinese helping each other and highlighting the encirclement during the fight against the epidemic is described, and at the same time, it focuses on showing the light of ordinary and warm humanity in the flood of fighting against the epidemic. , Can be described as a young “new theme” online movie.

The online movie

Tears in laughter!Start from the little onesTellExtraordinary “big story”

Unlike previous movies with the theme of the epidemic, “Mortal Heroes” did not focus on the medical staff under the epidemic, but aimed at three ordinary people: Da Zhicheng, the Wuhan hotel owner played by Yu Entai The entrepreneurial engineer Jiang Xiaotian played by Chen Hao and the courier Liu Huohuo played by Yi Yunhe grabbed the shining heroic spirit of ordinary people from them, and used small stories to reflect the big era. The small people showed the big picture, the emotions are delicate and rich, and they are real and moving.

The online movie

In the preview released today, the lives of the three ordinary people in Wuhan, Da Zhicheng, Jiang Xiaotian and Liu Huohuo, have undergone tremendous changes when they encountered the epidemic. Business has stagnated, the future has fallen into confusion, and their careers have suddenly fallen. In the end, for them, the lockdown of Wuhan is an opportunity for them to make a big splash or an angry rebuke? Will the three of them just succumb to fate or fight head-on? On November 26th, in Youku, “Mortal Heroes” will reveal the memory of this person in Wuhan where he was embarrassed, with smiles and tears. In addition, in the fixed-file posters that were simultaneously exposed today, Yu Entai, Yi Yunhe, and Chen Hao were surrounded by heavily armed medical staff. The three of them were either confused or steadfastly looking into the distance, which also recalls the national war epidemic in early 2020. The critical moment when the people of the whole country breathe and share the same destiny. The movie “Mortal Heroes” focuses on such a group of ordinary heroes from a unique perspective. It not only highlights the performance of the young generation in the fight against the “epidemic”, but also presents a song of fighting and fighting the epidemic for China to fight the new crown virus epidemic. .

The online movie

The strength of the main creator!byRed theme network student contentpay tribute”Mortal hero

It is worth mentioning that, in order to forge “excellent” movie quality, “Mortal Heroes” hired a strong team of golden theater movies such as “Looking for the Dragon” and “Second Generation Fairy” to join; in the selection of the main creative team, it is used The new director Yao Wenyi, who has directed the super online drama “Chinatown Detective”, hopes to interpret the spirit of fighting the epidemic from the perspective of a young wave; in addition, a group of outstanding young actors are sincerely joining, as “Lu Xiucai” in “Wulin Biography” In the corner, Yu Entai, who is loved by the audience, plays Da Zhicheng, and the comedian Yi Yunhe, who is “out of the circle” with the sitcom “Men of Dicks”, plays Liu Huohuo, and has brilliant performances in revolutionary dramas such as “Xiaguang” and “Hundreds of Steel”. The young actor Chen Hao plays Jiang Xiaotian. Such a golden team also laid a solid foundation for the quality of “Mortal Heroes”.

The online movie

In addition, the film always takes “reality” as its foothold. The storm center Wuhan is selected on the shooting site, and strives to capture the warm details and human power in the city of heroes with the most authentic story background, and restore the gifts on the road to the “epidemic” in 2020. Our touching and powerful mortal hero stories: Volunteer convoys that risked their lives after the closure of the city to shuttle through the streets and lanes to provide assistance to the residents; the hotel owner who enthusiastically opened the door to take care of medical staff regardless of cost; or whether the prescription cabin hospital is still optimistic and brave Acting as volunteers to take care of the younger generation of the elderly and children…All ordinary people have taken on their own social responsibilities as much as they can, and made a contribution to the fight against the epidemic. Whether it is the production of the team, the casting or the content script, “Mortal Heroes” has spent a lot of thought. Although the prevention and control of the epidemic has become normal, the new crown pneumonia epidemic will also occur on a small scale from time to time. Each of our lives has been affected to varying degrees, and there are still people who have not yet come out of the “epidemic anxiety” mood. . I believe that the release of “Mortal Heroes” can give us a heart-warming cure, so that we can find the courage to stand up again after going through the trough. Let’s look forward to the release of the online movie “Mortal Heroes” on November 26!

The movie “Mortal Heroes” is produced by Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Alibaba Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Zhongguang Tianze Media Co., Ltd.; Yonghe Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fanku Culture Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengdian Baipin Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing Yitong Legendary Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced; Yitong (Tianjin) Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. contracted and escorted by a group of golden teams. , The film will be exclusively launched on Youku on November 26th.


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