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The operation to install photo fines at the Neuquén traffic lights began

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The operation to install photo fines at the Neuquén traffic lights began

About 30 cameras that will be used to infract the most common traffic offenses in the city They will begin to be placed in about 15 daysías, it was assured from the municipality of Neuquén. The places where they will be installed are being kept confidential, however, it is already known that they will be in the main arteries of the city, in the downtown area and the trunk roads.

“Work is being done on the adaptation of the computer systems that the municipality and the companies (that won the tender) have throughout the process from taking images to notification,” explained the Secretary of Strategic Linkage, Mauricio Serenelli.

The announcement of the installation of photo fines at traffic lights was made in mid-March. In some localities where the same system is installed, they have already been operating with violations and fines since 2023.

Serenelli assured that they seek to adjust the process, with intense work together with the Road Observatory and the Citizen Protection area. “We are working on several cameras installed, to see how it works,” said Serenelli without yet revealing which ones they are.

It was indicated that There is a monitoring camera to test how the system will work beforehand. Nor information was provided about the results of that device that is working, with the supervision of the Modernization Secretariat.

As provided in the tender, the companies that own the system collect 50% of the fines released through this system.

Serenelli He assured that they are being calibrated and that by the first days of Maythe first 30 traffic light cameras will now be ready like the 50 speed display, who are the ones who monitor vehicular traffic in the cservices of schools, hospitals and in some green spaces.

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«Since the process began I haveWe have seen that there is a change in the circulation of the city, we have seen a reduction in U-turns and double lines outside schools.. On Argentina Avenue, you turn left less frequently, since even though there is indicative signage, the vehicles turned the same way,” he said.

The objective, he recalled, ands reduce contraventions. The fines will be applied to the most common violations such as driving while answering the cell phone, double lining, crossing with a red light, among other. The judges of the Misdemeanor Courts are the ones who define the amount of the fine, depending on whether it is a person with a history of violations or a driver who arrives for the first time. The fines range from 200 to 1,500 modules, while cEach module is worth 25% of the super gasoline this semester.

For the second semester, the price was set at 50% of the liter of fuel.

In May, the first 100 must be installed and at the end of the process, there will be 213. The priority traffic lights are those installed on Argentina Avenue and Olascoaga, on Worker Avenue, on Mosconi (former Route 22) or those that serve to enter and leave the microcenter: Belgrano, San Martín, Independencia, among others.

The photo-ticket cameras will be installed in places where drivers usually make U-turns, on streets where vehicles stop in double rows, red traffic lights that are not respected and, for example, in the microcentre.or, at all intersections on Argentina Avenue (between Roca and San Martín) in which vehicles turn left despite signs prohibiting it.

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