Home Entertainment The return of methane for cars. This is why consumption starts to grow again

The return of methane for cars. This is why consumption starts to grow again

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The return of methane for cars.  This is why consumption starts to grow again

ROME – The latest calculations by the Assogasmetano research office show an increase in the volume of methane supplied for transport. After the heavy recession of 2020, caused by the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, in 2021 the quantity of methane for cars, in the various types Cng, Biocng, LNG and Biognl, recorded an increase, recording consumption of about billion meters cubes, an increase of 6.6% over the previous year. Furthermore, the report of the Association that brings together the national distribution companies of methane for transport, indicates that 28% of the volume is represented by biomethane, a gas of renewable origin.

According to the association, this gas, which among other things contributes to a further reduction of harmful emissions, compared to methane of fossil origin, brings further environmental benefits, comparable to electric and hydrogen vehicles. With regard to distribution, the analysis shows that, despite the numerous difficulties (pandemic, international gas price crisis and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine), the expansion of the supply network continues, with a total that in May reached 1,550 distributors.

“The final figures for 2021, recovering from 2020, combined with the growth of the distribution network and the growing share of biomethane – explained Flavio Merigo, president of Assogasmetano – testify to the great importance of continuing to invest in this fuel. Not surprisingly in the RePowerEu Plan (funded with 210 billion euros), developed by the European Commission following the recent crisis caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia with the aim of saving energy, producing clean energy and diversifying sources of energy supply, biomethane becomes an important point of reference.

Among the various measures, in fact, the aim is to boost biomethane production by setting the goal of 35 billion cubic meters by 2030. This is a great opportunity for our country, which is at the forefront of the development of this biofuel. . This will bring further positive benefits in terms of reducing emissions, contributing to the development of an industrial sector in which Italy is a world benchmark for technology and production “. In short, if electric vehicles represent the future (still too expensive), methane is a valid, clean and immediately available alternative, capable of extending the life of traditional internal combustion engines, making them more environmentally friendly. (Maurilio Rigo)

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