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The three-year-old boy who won the international award for six months of studying piano will be on the Carnegie Stage | Piano | Carnegie Hall | Elite International Music Competition

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[EpochTimesJune92021](Epoch Times reporter Zhang Yufei compiled a report) A 3-year-old Chinese girl, Brigitte Xie, is not as tall as a piano, and may not have enough finger span, and her feet are still far away from the pedal, but This does not prevent her from becoming a veritable pianist.

According to comprehensive media reports, Xie Xinyao from Connecticut, USA, is very talented in piano. After only six months of studying piano, he set a record and won the first place in the prestigious international music competition in the United States. What’s even more amazing is that in November this year, she will perform as the youngest pianist at Carnegie Hall in New York to show her unique talent.

According to Xie Xinyao’s parents, her daughter started playing piano last summer. During the epidemic, they just wanted their daughter to do something, so they contacted Felicia Feng Zhang, a piano teacher who was born in a family of music education. ).

In the beginning, Xie Xinyao only participated in online video courses. Later, because the little guy showed a deep interest in piano, his parents further applied to Teacher Zhang to teach face-to-face.

What’s incredible is that even this child who spoke inconsistently at the teacher’s house and had difficulty calming down, when she sat in front of the piano and put her fingers on the black and white keys, she looked like a different person. Her tiny fingers are flying on the piano keys, like an older student who has been practicing for many years.

Even Teacher Zhang Feng, who has won many world-class honors, is quite surprised. She said that in just six months, she has improved faster than those who have been studying for many years, whether it is concentration, fingering or notation. Ability far exceeds that of peers.

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“Xie Xinyao is really special. She will watch the teacher’s demonstration carefully and imitate it very well. She learns very fast. For a 3-year-old child, this is really incredible.” Teacher Zhang said.

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In December 2020, Zhang Feng recommended Xie Xinyao as the youngest contestant to participate in the Elite International Music Competition (Elite International Music Competition), usually for teenagers from 6 to 22 years old in the United States. Her calm typhoon and on-the-spot expressiveness finally impressed the judges and won the first prize in the competition.

After that, she won the first prize in the American Protégé International Music Talent Competition and the National Young Maestro Competition.

The children who won prizes in the American International Music Talent Piano Competition will all perform at Carnegie Hall on November 22, which will also make Xie Xinyao the youngest piano performer in the history of the concert hall. At that time, Xinyao, who is 4 years old, will play Mozart’s music.

Her mother, Nicole Sun, also loves to play the piano. She said that she started practicing piano when she was 6 years old, but her daughter has surpassed her childhood level.

Her father Tao Xie is very proud of her daughter’s achievements. He said that he only wanted his daughter to learn one musical instrument, but he didn’t expect to have such a result after a short period of study.

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