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They killed a young man linked to “Los Monos” during a birthday and injured 5 other people

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They killed a young man linked to “Los Monos” during a birthday and injured 5 other people

A young man of 24 yearswho was wanted by Justice in a case linked to the criminal gang Los Monos, was killed and five other people were injuredduring a shooting attack carried out this morning during a birthday party that was being held in the Santa Fe town of Pueblo Andino, about 45 kilometers from Rosario.

The attack resulted in the fatality of Gonzalo “Gonza” Barrientos, who had an arrest warrant in a case for “illicit association”whose main accused is Luciano “Lucho” Cantero, son of the former leader of “The monkeys”Claudio “Pájaro” Cantero, whose murder in May 2013 caused a trail of blood in Rosario and surrounding areas.

They arrested the sister of Fabio “la Mole” Moli and dismantled a family drug gang

According to information released by Rosario 3the incident occurred on a farm located on Juan Murtole and Luis Zurlo, in the Quebradas neighborhood, Andean people, in the department of Iriondo. To the place, where A birthday party was being held, two men entered and opened fire on Barrientos, killing him instantly.while they also injured five other people.

The attackers escaped and the injured were taken in private cars to hospitals. Eva Perón from Granadero Baigorria and Granaderos a Caballos de San Lorenzo for greater attention. According to the same portal, Barrientos was identified in a report from the Prosecutor’s Office in 2022 as the partner of Lorena Miriam Verdúnthe mother of “Lucho” Cantero and widow of “Pájaro” Cantero.

The fall of “Damasco”, the drug trafficker who tried to bribe the police with 20 million pesos

Hernán Orlando Tolosa (43) was walking down the street with “freedom insurance”: He always carried a significant amount of bills with him because he knew that in the face of routine control the money could thwart his arrest and thus be able to continue his life in hiding.

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“Damascus”, as it is known, had an arrest warrant since June 2019 in the framework of a case for drug trafficking and money laundering. He had been a fugitive for more than four and a half years, but he was not hiding nor had his appearance changed.

On Tuesday, December 23, while He was driving a white Toyota Hilux truck accompanied by his son, he unexpectedly ran into a police checkpoint who was on the trail of a small band that had scammed a 91-year-old woman in the town of Centeno, about 130 kilometers from the city of Santa Fe.

They dismantled a drug gang in Córdoba: 4 arrested

Tolosa tried to evade the checkpoint that was on Route 42, but his reaction caught the attention of the police officers from the 8th police station, who automatically followed his steps. The fugitive’s truck traveled just over 14 kilometers at full speed until in desperation to escape the driver made a bad maneuver and the vehicle ended up in a ditch.

According to sources, both the driver and his son were unharmed. Seeing itself surrounded and with no chance of escape, Damascus played his last card: He offered the police 20 million pesos in exchange for his freedom. Seconds before he told them about his situation: He said he had an arrest warrant of federal justice and that for that reason he had evaded control.

However, neither the bribe nor his pleas changed the position of the troops, who reported their arrest for attack and resistance to authority, and they passed their data. Shortly afterward they confirmed that Tolosa had not lied to them: Federal Court No. 3 of Rosario, headed by Carlos Vera Barros, requested his national capture.

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According to the spokespersons, the detainee would be a historic drug supplier which curiously distributed it near the cemeteries of Las Parejas, Armstrong and Las Rosas. Inside his truck, as revealed by the newspaper The Santa Fe Coast, They found a bag with cocaine and an air rifle pill with whom it is believed he had gone hunting with his son.

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