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TRICK OR TREAT – A Creepy Night Live

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TRICK OR TREAT – A Creepy Night Live

A Creepy Night Live
(Power Metal)

Label: Scarlet Records
Format: (Live)

Release: 08.12.2023

Although the former HELLOWEEN cover band TRICK OR TREAT has a busy and popular singer in its ranks with Alessandro Conti – he already sang in Luca Turilli’s version of RHAPSODY, played in EUNOMIA, TEMPERANCE and TIMO TOLKKI and now also fronts TWILIGH FORCE – There has been a bit of a lack of great attention so far. But it definitely can’t be the Italians’ fault with the song material, as the ambitious highlights “The Legend Of The XII Saints” and “Creepy Symphonies” recently showed.

And this live release is now also dedicated to the latter album. As part of the album tour, “A Creepy Night Live” was recorded and, together with prominent guests Chiara Tricarico (MOONLIGHT HAZE), Michele Lupi (Ex-SECRET SPHERE), they showed that they can also be absolutely convincing live. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to experience the power metallers live yet, but this recording shows a wonderful insight into TRICK OR TREAT’s live work and makes me excited for future shows. The tracklist also runs across the discography and shows with classics like “Like Donald Duck” or “Loser Song” that they also understand humor. With likeable, playful melodies, successful sing-a-long parts and noticeable energy, the Italians were born for the stage.

The sound is also absolutely fine on this release, which concludes with a bonus instrumental from the studio called “When the Lights Fade Out (Santa’s in Trouble)”, which features Tommy Johansson (SABATON, MAJESTICA). Personally, I’m just missing one or two hits from earlier days like the smash hit “Evil Needs Candy Too” or “Hello Moon,” which Michael Kiske once sang along to.

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But that’s whining at a high level. Fans of the band have to get it anyway, fans of playful, happy power metal have a wonderful introduction to the exciting and varied work of this underrated band.

Tracklist „A Creepy Night Live“:

1. Intro / Creepy Symphony
2. Have A Nice Judgment Day
3. Loser Song
4. Aquarius: Diamond Dust
5. The Great Escape
6. Tears Against Your Smile
7. Cloudrider
8. Hungarian Hangover
9. Libra: One Hundred Dragons Force
10. Take Your Chance
11. Rabbits’ Hill
12. Crazy
13. Like Donald Duck
14. When the Lights Fade Out (Santa’s In Trouble)
Total playing time: 49:20


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