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Urban violence in Córdoba: a man killed another with a stab in the heart

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Urban violence in Córdoba: a man killed another with a stab in the heart

The escalation of urban violence in Córdoba claimed a new victim during the last weekend. In a fight, A man was stabbed in the chest and later died in hospital Municipal Dr. Diego Montoya, in Las Varillas. The murderer escaped and the Police arrested him hours later in the same town.

The Las Varillas Investigative Prosecutor’s Office, headed by María Cecilia Dupraz, investigates the circumstances of the crime that occurred last Saturday at dawn. Presumably, Jonathan Sanchez (32) y Pablo Vega (25) had an argument near Laprida Street, they confronted each other and one stabbed another with a knife.

Sánchez was left lying on the floor, badly injured with a deep cut wound on the left side of his chest. He was taken to the hospital, where a while later doctors confirmed his death.

Vega escaped from the scene and hid in a home in the same town. A few hours after the incident, the Police arrested him and the man did not resist. In addition, the weapon he would have used to kill was seized. He revealed that he had two previous convictions for acts linked to family violence. He was now charged with simple homicide.

Those close to the investigation indicated that The aggression would have “passionate motives”. The victim was from the Cruz del Eje area, where her remains were taken.

No arrests for the crime of Sebastián Villarreal: his daughter assured that he had been shot four times

The resolution of conflicts through the use of firearms, knives and all types of elements to harm or kill another person is increasing in Córdoba. There are already several people murdered in the province in 2024 in situations with characteristics similar to what occurred in Las Varillas.

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According to reports from the Crime Observatory, an entity that depends on the Ministry of Security of Córdoba, urban violence appears as the main cause of violent death in the province, followed by cases of insecurity and, thirdly, gender violence and familiar.

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