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Hamilton Process Analytics – Technology Science Research

New white paper on the key challenges in cultured meat production

The use of suitable sensors enables continuous monitoring of the biomass (Image source: Hamilton Bonaduz AG)

The Process Analytics division of Hamilton Bonaduz AG publishes “PAT to Optimize the Cost, Consistency, and Yield of Cultivated Meat Production,” a new, comprehensive white paper that addresses the process challenges in the production of cultured meat. This presents solutions for increasing the efficiency and sustainability of production processes through the use of advanced sensor technologies.

In this guide, Hamilton Process Analytics provides answers to existing challenges and relies on the implementation of PAT (Process Analytical Technology) tools to revolutionize the production of cultured meat. These measures are advocated by regulatory authorities such as the FDA as they enable real-time measurement and control of critical parameters during production processes. As a result, high-quality yields can be achieved in large quantities and process optimization can be promoted, thereby significantly shortening the time to market.

In this publication, Hamilton identifies the key technical cost drivers in the cultured meat production environment and explains how PAT measures can be used to improve performance and cost efficiency. This includes, among other things, the implementation of in-line sensors such as Dencytee Arc for measuring total cell density (TCD) and Incyte Arc for measuring live cell density. The use of these sensors enables continuous monitoring of the biomass throughout the entire production process. In-line sensors can also monitor critical process parameters such as dissolved CO2, dissolved O2 and pH and provide immediate insights for optimization and cost reduction. Finally, Hamilton uses several case studies to demonstrate how the application of PAT to cell cultivation has overcome real-world performance and efficiency issues.

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“With the global population expected to grow to 9-10 billion people by 2050, the demand for sustainable protein sources is constantly increasing. Hamilton’s sensor technologies are not only tools, but also catalysts to achieve more reliable and reproducible results in cultured meat production,” says Aniekan Esenam, Strategic Business Development Manager at Hamilton Process Analytics. He added: “We are working to further advance progress in this groundbreaking industry and look forward to using our pioneering spirit to help shape a future in which high-quality protein sources are produced efficiently and ethically for generations to come.”

The English-language white paper can be found at:

Image source: Hamilton Bonaduz AG


Process analytics is one of Hamilton’s rapidly growing business units. The company developed the first pH sensors in 1989 and has grown continuously since then. Today the portfolio includes parameters such as pH, ORP, CO2, conductivity, dissolved oxygen as well as total and live cell density. With a focus on the biopharma industry, the division solves process analytics challenges with groundbreaking developments. Arc sensors represent an important development in recent years because the integrated micro-transmitters make external transmitters unnecessary. Hamilton also offers special pH, oxygen, conductivity and cell density sensors for the ever-growing single-use area. In addition to sensors, process analytics supplies the associated cables, fittings, transmitters, buffers, standards and accessories.

Hamilton’s story began in California in the late 1940s. Today the company has headquarters in Reno, Nevada; Franklin, Massachusetts (both USA), Bonaduz, Ems (both Switzerland), Timisoara (Romania) as well as sales offices around the world. With its subsidiaries and over 2,500 employees, Hamilton is a leader in the development and production of liquid handling, process analytics, robotics, medical and automated storage solutions.

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