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Valeria Solarino: “Lucia Bosè, a fragile woman behind the diva. She has always felt alone in the world “

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Valeria Solarino: “Lucia Bosè, a fragile woman behind the diva.  She has always felt alone in the world “

«I didn’t know Lucia Bosè, except for a few films. Others were the actresses I loved from the 50s, Magnani most of all. As I approached, however, I realized that she is a character that I would like to tell in the round: she has had an incredible life. She was rebellious and restless, but very lonely, she was a friend of Visconti and Picasso, herself a painter ». Muse of the very first Antonioni, girlfriend of Walter Chiari and later wife of Luis Miguel Dominguín, Lucia Bosè left her career very young for an overbearing husband and to be her mother (of Miguel, Paola and Lucia). Died in 2020 by Covid, in Bosè (from today on Paramount +), serial biopic dedicated to her son Miguel, a very popular pop star in Spain and Latin American countries, is an important but secluded character, and it is Valeria Solarino to interpret her.

«I looked for the private Bosè not the diva – says the actress -. I’ve seen videos and interviews, but it’s her biography that revealed it to me. Starting with a strong image: when she left Milan under the bombing, in the excitement, she was forgotten. She was about 8 years old and that abandonment of her marked her deeply: she understood that she was alone in the world. A feeling that she would never leave her. ‘

How was the relationship with Dominguín?

“It was love at first sight. He immediately said he wanted to marry her. They both decided to quit their jobs. She was faithful to her part of her pact: she cut the Italian part of her life (cinema, language, cooking). After all, she was happy with that life (as I read it, she had always felt like an “actress by chance”). But her relationship with “the Torero” was tormented: they separated and it was a huge scandal for the times. But it was as if they had never left: she was always nostalgically tied to a life and a family ideal that no longer existed. DominguÍn died and did not go to her funeral: “I will never be your widow,” she said. ”

Miguel, have you ever met him?

“I would have liked, to be able to ask him about their report. Here, too, I had to settle for biographies. He talks about her mother like a lover of her: she remembers her beauty, the trail of perfume in the house. She always encouraged him, even going against her husband. There was a very hard fight between them when Visconti, who was Miguel’s godfather, proposed him a part in Death in Venice».

In Jericho Pink Innocencein the theater, he plays another loneliness: that of a teenager trying to assert his own sexual identity.

«It is a three-part monologue, a stream of consciousness or perhaps a psychoanalytic session, in which I relive the journey – from Vincenzo to Innocenza Rosa – of a boy in search of his true self. It is a text written for me by Luana Rondinelli during the lockdown. I brought it to the stage last season and will be resuming it shortly. She decided the story, I just asked her something in Sicilian to bring me back to my origins ».

We talk about gender identity. Did this text reveal anything to you?

«I had never thought about the theme of identity in such a deep way, how important it is to reflect on it: not only on the sexual one as in this case, but on ours in general. Identity for me was like a kind of backpack in which to put the experiences of life that determine character and way of being, quite automatically. And instead it is stripping off all the conditioning that society imposes, it is freeing oneself from the need to conform (even unconsciously) to what others expect of us ».

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about gender. What do you think of the Zan bill that that debate had triggered?

“It was excellent and innovative. Laws must not only impose and repress, but direct, give positive examples. Condemning those who proclaim hatred or violence is an invitation to respect, coexistence and the inclusiveness of the other. But now he’s buried, I think forever. Just outline the topic and immediately notice impatience. We have returned to a world that does not involve nuances. But even here: who has established which are the primary colors? ».

And what do you think of Giorgia Meloni?

«He says ‘I am a woman’, he speaks of a ‘broken glass ceiling’, but then ostentatiously calls himself ‘the president’. Bizarre. You seem to me the most manly woman there is in politics. You have had great strategic talent, determination and a clear vision, but you don’t seem to scare men: you don’t disturb or break the established order, which remains masculine and macho ».

Theater aside, in its future?

“I am finishing The Cage on female MMA, an interesting topic, unusual for a film. While it will be out shortly “When by Walter Veltroni. From his book, the story of a boy who, after an accident during Berlinguer’s funeral, falls into a coma and wakes up 30 later: he is Neri Marcorè, I am the nun who has assisted him for years and then accompanies him in his rediscovery of the world “.

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