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Weretilneck condemned Iran’s attack on Israel: “Peace is fundamental”

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Weretilneck condemned Iran’s attack on Israel: “Peace is fundamental”

The governor of Río Negro, Alberto Weretilneckexpressed his repudiation of the attack from Iran to Israel, which occurred early Sunday morning. The president thus joined the list of political leaders in the country and the world who called for a deceleration of the conflict in the Middle East.

«I strongly reject Iran’s violent attack against Israel«Weretilneck launched through his X account.

He then added: “We aspire to find solutions peacefully to avoid a crisis of global reach.” And he closed his writing with a forceful message: «Peace is fundamental».

Meanwhile, the governor of Neuquén, Rolando Figueroafor the moment has not officially commented on the situation.

The Middle East is facing a moment of great tension after the attack on Israel by Iran, which it launched last night more than 300 drones, missiles and ballistic missiles. This is the first attack of this type from Iranian soil.

Iran – Israel conflict: the reaction of Argentine politics

Argentine politics was quick to react after Iran’s attack on Israel on Saturday. Javier Milei canceled his trip to Europe and began his return to meet with the crisis committee that he convened due to the conflict.

«The President returns to Argentina to form a crisis committee in light of the latest events that occurred in Israel to get in front of the situation and coordinate actions with the presidents of the Western world«wrote yesterday the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni.

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Due to the conflict, the Minister of Foreign AffairsDiana Mondinoordered last night the temporary closure of the main embassies in the region where there is an escalation of war with unforeseeable consequences.

For his part, the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Jorge Macri, stated: «I emphatically condemn the brutal attack perpetrated by Iran against the State of Israel, which threatens peace, democracy and freedom. All my solidarity and support for the Israeli people. War, terrorism and violence are never the way.”

The President of the Budget and Finance Commission of the Nation’s Chamber of Deputies, José Luis Espert, also a deputy from the Milei bloc, spoke out in favor of Israel on social networks: »The people of Israel, eternally persecuted, once again victims of violence. Now the terrorists of Iran“, wrote.

And he declared: »There can be no half measures here. “It is in favor of Israel, peace, the defense of freedom, of the West, against murderers and terrorists.”

Elisa Lilita Carrió also expressed her support for the Jewish community in Argentina: »Hoday more than ever Iran is a terrorist state. It is necessary to protect the Jewish community in Argentina. Iranian agents surround us and circulate, with impunity, through Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Nisman knew it and we all know it,” said the lawyer.

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